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The best fluffy day EVER! El Bees and Luxebaby!

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I cant ever post on the current day's fluff thread because I dont get my mail til I ge home from work and most nights I dont get online at home. SOOOOO...... I am posting what I got yesterday!

It was the BEST day! I got:

4 El Bees!!!!!! 2 from ebay and 2 from the TP and the super sweet mama that sold me the ones from the TP even put a Pail Pal in there so the whole package smelled super yummy!


My Luxebaby WIO! And all I can say is WOW!!!!! It is the most beautiful diaper I have ever seen! It is not on the top of my all time fave list! I got robins egg blue which is so mottled and beautiful. The prettiest baby blue color with all these variations in the shade. And an orange snap in. The cover has orange thread with bright blue snaps that have little fishies on them! So cute and the orange snap in has blue thread. I just LOVE it! And she put in the tiniest little drawstring bag with baby soap and diaper cream! Yay for samples!

I will have to post photos once I take some -- this diaper fits Maxi like a glove! It is SO trim and stretch and just all around FABU!!!! Its trimmer than a sposie! Never thought that was possible -- now I am kicking myself that I only ordered one!
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The WIO sounds yummy! Can't wait to see pics!
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yum yum on the Luxe Baby WIO. Arn't they awesome? The wool is so trim!
What a great fluff day. Show us pics!!
Wowza!! I want to see a picture of your wio!!
Pics pics pics pics pics pics pics ..... said in a chanting/cheering voice.
Yes! Yes! Yes! on the pics!!
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I will definitly take some tonight when I get home! I am so excited that tonight is diaper washing night too and all my new loot will be clean for wearing tomorrow!
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