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O.k. so maybe some could argue with me over my posts title name, but I am sure it would be a close race. First off a little background. I had 2 hospital births prior to this one and they were a living nightmare, way to much to go into right now. Anyway, because of those two experiences I had looked into home births, but in KY a home birth is very difficult to achieve because of state laws. Frustraited I didnt know what to do. At 28 weeks pregnant I switched from my classic OB/GYN to a CNM that deleivered at a different hospital. One of the best decisions I have ever made, I knew right from the start that this time would be different, but there promise of no interventions I had a difficult time beleiving.
At 39 weeks I was having a very hard time getting around and my hips hurt so bad that I could hardly function on a day to day basis. My midwife asked if I would like to have my membranes striped to encourage labor, I debated for some time, was afraid it would hurt, but in the end decided I just had to go into labor and had her do it. To my suprise it did not hurt in the least, a little presure and that was it. That was done on a Thursday afternoon.
Saturday afternoon I start having mild contractions and I loose my mucous plug, so I go to the track and walk two miles to get labor going along (silly me, lol) and to my suprises instead of speeding things up my labor completly stoped! Thinking it was all over we got chinese take out, had my mom watch the girls overnight (which was my first break for a whole night in over a year) and went to our friends to play D&D, figured we would make a date of it. We got home and went to bed at 6 a.m. At 8 a.m. or around that time, I become aware that I am waking up every so often with contractions, I am so tired though that I blow them off and go back to sleep. At around 8:30 I become aware in my sleep haze that not only am I having contractions but that I am tossing and turning with them and moaning in my sleep from the pain, needless to say that woke me up!

At first I did not know what to think, there was no pain in my stomach at all and the contractions were not at all in a set time order, sometimes they would be 5 minutes apart sometimes 10 or even 15 minutes apart. I called my mom to see what she thought and when I dropped the phone out of my hand from the pain I knew something was defently going on.
When we got to the hospital I was dilated to 4 and was really happy to hear it since at my thursday appointment I had just barely been at 2. The nurse was really nice and was very supportive of the fact that I did not want any interventions. I had no IV hooked up to me, and even though they put the belts around me they didnt leave me hooked up to the machine, they would just have me stand in one place every hour for a few minutes so they could get a good strip on the baby's heart beat, my contractions didnt read on the machine because my stomach was not getting hard with them, all my labor was in my hips. I was able to walk around at will and everything was at all times taken step by step and explained really well, and everyone was very good at asking me before they did anything. Eventually I got to the point were I was having contractions one on top of the other in major breathing heavy pain, my midwife asked if I would like to be checked to see how things were going, I said yes but the idea of laying down to do it was out of the question (I had labored standing or walking this whole time) bless her kind heart she checked me while standing! She told me I was at 6 and I broke down and cryed. All I could think was that if it hurt that bad at 6 how in the world was I going to make it to complete?!?! At this point of course I did the whole "I cant do this, it hurts to much, give me an epidural" thing and if it had not been for the complete support of my midwife and my husband I know I would have had one, I dont know how anyone can do it without that supprt, my heart and admeration goes out to them.
My husband responded the best way in the world, he just looked at me smiled, shruged and said "well". Then he held me tight in his arms through my next contraction. Wich was perfect because if he would have told me no I would have gotten mad at him and if he has said yes I would have gotten one. What a smart husband I have! lol
My midwife then recommended that perhaps she should break my water, that she felt that things would speed up dramataclly if she did. I balked at this at first because I wanted to go completly natural, but the pain was so major I decided to go with whatever would speed things up. Also I knew my midwife had been doing this for 25 years had had 3 children of her own unmedicated and I trusted her.
Needles to say she knew what she was talking about withen a half hour of her breaking my water I was complete and pushing! I sat up with my bum scooted at the end of the bed and pushing my arms against a bar to push and this was soooo much better than laying flat on my back with my feet in sturups like it was with my first two. Because my doctor from before had gave me a cut of 4 with my other my midwife was really conserned about ripping and helped me to remember to push slowly and she helped slowly stretch the skin as the head crowned, there was mirrors for me to watch and without even thinking about what I was doing I reached down and applied pressure around the head as well, his little head felt so wrinkly and soft, it was the neatest feeling in the world. Slowly he came out and what a cutie he was! I pushed for just a few minutes, then held him close and it was wonderful, then I felt the urge to push with the placenta and had my husband hold our baby while moma took care of that. Afterwards they were going to give me a shot of pit to help stop bleeding, but I requested that I bf instead to get the contractions going and my midwife said that was fine as I was not bleeding enough to be worried. Ends up I didnt have to have the shot! YAAAA
So long story short I discovered from first hand experience that you can have a completly unmedicated birth, with no IV's, and complete mobility in a hospital setting. I have no doubt in my mind however that had in not been for the 100% complete support of my midwife and the loving guidence of my husband it would have went dramatically different (like it did with my first 2). My baby boy was born May 16th weighing 7 pounds and was 20 1/2 inches long (my smallest baby thus far, but then again I only gained 3 pounds with this pregnancy) and was a picture of health. I feel completly blessed! I would never have another medicated birth again unless my baby's life was at risk. It was great, I was so alert and aware and withen an hour after my son's birth I was up and walking around feeling great, with my other two I couldnt walk without a limp for a month! A great hospital birth CAN happen, you just have to take control of it and make sure you have people around you that can help you make it happen!

On a side note my midwife afterwards said that in 25 years she had never known anyone to have labor just in there hips like I did (with my tummy not getting hard, no pain but in my hips and so on). I guess it just goes to show that you never really do see it all. :LOL Also my contractions never did get regular, not even there at the very end before I pushed, they would be one on top of the other and then bam out of no where I would get a break of like 10 minutes with no pain. go figure...but I am not complaning those little breaks at the end were GREAT!
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