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WOW. I just enrolled my 5 1/2 year old for K, and he's sooo excited. I'm excited for him as well - I loved school, and he's nearly inside out with anticipation. We're doing public school, and I'm not opposed as long as there aren't any difficulties that we can't work past. He's been to preschool, is a very verbal, socially adept little guy and he's more than ready for school. But....

The bus pickup is at 6:45 am!!!!!!!!!!
: School starts at 7:38, and with all the schools in our district they can't all start at the same time, they have to stagger the start times and his is one of the earliest. But he'd ride for FORTY FIVE MINUTES. No way. So now I'm looking forward to driving him to school every morning. He'll ride the bus home, but he can get an extra HOUR of sleep if I take him to school! Holy cow, I had no idea.
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In my hometown there was only 2 schools(elementary and highschool). In a village 15minutes to the east they came to our school in grade 8 & 9 for home-ec, then full time for 10-12. When I was in Grade 11 or 12 they changed the school hours.

We now started at 9:05, got out for lunch at 12:10, back at 1 and out at 3:10. Before that we started at 8:55, got out at 11:50, back at 1, out at 3:25. Both times the elementary schools were picked up before the high school kids.

The reason they changed it was because the parents complained. Past the village was hamlet about 10minutes away with people who lived further away. Kids were getting on the but at 6am to ride to the village school, then they were taken by the 1 bus from there with all the village kids to our school getting there 5 minutes before the bell rang. After school they were getting home around 6pm. They've just recently closed the village school so now the kids come to town with their parents who work in my town.

In the city I live in now there are 12 public schools. IF you choose to not go to the school in your area and you live in town, you are responsible for getting your child to the school you choose. The busses will not pick them up, the exception is the catholic system but they have 3 schools so it isn't a big deal. The out of town busses all go to the same school. These busses take the kids from the elementary school to the junior and high schools.

The school times are not staggered except the junior & high to give time for the busses to get to the elementary schools to pick those kids up after.

There are strict times when the busses are at the schools, but the schools all start within 5-10minutes of each other.

The point is, you can get it changed you just need to have enough parents complaining, talk to the principle of the schools and get them involved with the school board to change it and have some sort of solution that will work for the schools/busses.

If the schools are starting that early then the bus systems/schedules need to change to a more optimized system. It does kids no good to have to get up so early.
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We have 10 elementary schools, 3 middle and 2 high schools. The district is under a state-mandated program to provide a certain type of setup for school assignment, so even if we lived within walking distance of a school, we would not be guaranteed enrollment in that school. As such, they must also provide busses for all children assigned to a school more than 1 mile from their home. We live 6 miles from our assigned school. Start times stagger from 7:35 to 8:45, with dismissals from 2-4pm. It's not feasible, or possible, for the parents in my area to petition for a different bus pickup time, as the bus is picking up for at least 5 different school and distributing riders to more than 1 school. It can't be done any other way. It's a complicated setup. I'm not happy with the pickup time, but I understand why it is that way.

You can see the Consent Decree details, and more information on the messy setup we have for school assignment and bus distribution, at my district's webpage:
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Originally Posted by bdavis337

The bus pickup is at 6:45 am!!!!!!!!!!
: School starts at 7:38, and with all the schools in our district they can't all start at the same time, they have to stagger the start times and his is one of the earliest. But he'd ride for FORTY FIVE MINUTES. No way.
did you ask the bus garage what time ds would get to school? maybe he would be picked up at 6:45 but get there at 7:10 and have the extra time to socialize and get ready for the day. i lived 5 mins from my elementary school, and my bus ride was normally 1/2 hour because i was the 1st stop.
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When my son was in KG they wanted to pick him up 45 minutes before school started. We can WALK to the school in 8 minutes, drive it in 2 minutes. I drove him to and from school that year.

Last year, in first grade, he started riding the bus to that same school. He left about 30 minutes prior to school starting and got home about 10 minutes after the buses left in the afternoon.

Over the summer he was in a 2 week school camp for gifted kids. They wanted him on the bus at 6:25 for an 8:00 start! My hubby drove him to the school instead and then he came home on the bus which was only about a 20 minute ride.

This year he has switched schools for a gifted program and has about an hour ride in the morning and slightly less in the afternoon.

My current KG is riding the bus to the closer school (2 mins drive/8 mins walk) this year. She has about a 15 mins ride this year.
Yes, I've talked to the bus barn. He's the first one on and last one off. Pickup is at 6:49 am, school arrival at 7:30, school starts at 7:40. Coming home, the bus leaves the schoolyard at 2:05 and he gets let off at the stop at 2:47.

I'll be driving him in the mornings. I can get there from my house in about 10 minutes, and that extra sleep is something he's going to need!
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