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Vaxxed did an interview with him, his name is Austin Bennett.

He is, of course, anti-vaccine to the core, but also just god awful. On his Facebook page, he says he does not believe Muslims should be able to serve in our government. I quote: "Can anyone believe that a Muslim would hold the supreme law of this land above the law of their God? Of course not. There is no compatibility between the two, which means for a judge to swear on the Quran to uphold the Constitution is a farce perpetrated on the American people. Because of this truth, Muslims should not serve in our government". He has an entire video of himself called "Why I cannot support Islam".

I think the fact that the Vaxxed team supports him despite these bigotted views speaks volumes.

He also believes in chemtrails and has multiple posts on his facebook page on the subject. He is GOP running in a very liberal district. To say his chances of winning are slim is an understatement. People are compiling and taking screen shots of his statements from his facebook page in case he decides to delete them. I doubt he will as he seems pretty confident and proud of these opinions. Here is his facebook page if anyone is interested:
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