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Originally Posted by zeldabee View Post
Maybe I should post about my fantasy utopian single-mom co-operative living community. Or blog. That's what I need to do, blog. Oh, wait: that takes time...haven't got any of that...
Zeldabee, about the co-op living, check out the country living/off the grid thread in natural family living and look at intentional community/ecovillage. (its a little ways down the page) Jyotsana is trying to set up a coop arrangement between single moms in a community that praises AP parenting and all the moms help each other out. She is wanting some other moms to join her. Even if you don't want to go all primitive, I would encourage you to talk to her. There are other moms here interested in living in a co-op arrangement. If you want more of an urban setting, check out the Yahoo group called ICFam. There is a co-op forming in Chicago made up of single moms (and children of course) and they are looking for more people. I think you might get some great ideas off that. I know where you are coming from, being a single mom is very hard and I am on a search for community too or anywhere where moms work together and become the family and support system we might not have access to otherwise. I urge you to check it out and speak with Jyotsana if you are interested or join the yahoo group. That has alot of very interesting information there. Take care and good luck!
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