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yeah zeldabee, i have issue with my x, but you know what, i feel that same way a you do.
I actually came online tonight to seek out some like minded women and support, i have had no sleep for the last two nights, my 6mth old wont let me put him down even when he is asleep, and my 2yr old is freaking out because i have had a baby in my arms for the last two days, and sh is feeling left out. And i don't have family or friends that live locally enough for me to call up and say "help" so its me and me alone.
And as all things this sleep issue will pass, but while we are in the midst of it there are times that i curl right up to both my kids and cry along, i get that exhausted that i cannot do anything for them.

YOu know what gets me through, or rests my mind if i am actually doing a good job anyway... is that we all sleep together, we extend
; my baby is in a sling when he is not crawling around, my dd is free to yell run cry while pulling a ''tuntrum'' all in the safety of my arms we eat wholesome natural simple foods and even thought there are more days than not that i end up
: i think that i am AP makes all those single parenting hardship more easier than if i wasn't. i also live in the delusion that life will get easier when the kids get older right now as young and as close in age that they are, i have to moniter my sanity on an hourly basis sometimes..

What challanges do you face?
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