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Zeldabee ~ I often hear how people are amazed at all that I handle as a single mom - and I have two of 'em!!! I feel worn out and even hopeless sometimes at all that I have to do, but here are some things that I have done that really help me to cope or survive or however you'd like to term it (and even have fun at that):

1. Turn off the ringer - after 7 I am officially no longer available unless you catch me online

2. I try to exercise every day even if it's just a little - it keeps up my energy and my endorphines or whatever - especially since I am woken up several times during the night - I never get a full night's sleep

3. Read my magazines after the kids are in bed - and they DO go to bed at 7:30 and 8:00 period - otherwise I would go nuts

4. I eat breakfast everyday and take a multivitamin - I usually drink OJ at breakfast too - I really think this has helped me to plow forward - I take a B complex at around 3 also cuz I teach at night (not because I want to but because I have to financially - although I do enjoy it and couldn't possibly complain about it as a part-time job - it is much more favorable than other options)! So I need that extra energy

5. I have found a couple places downtown where we can go that MOM can have fun too - not just McDonald's!!! I am a vegetarian so I've scoped out a great pizza place where I can have a glass of wine with a salad and a pizza where the kids can play, etc. I have a couple places like this where I take the kids on a weekend night or on a Sunday morning for brunch - it's good stuff

6. I have a single friend who is open-minded about kids and she lieks being around my kids in small doses and I invite her to my place for movie-drinks-snacks night and we watch half way decent movies (no crazy murder types) while the kids run around and play with their toys. Granted the kids stay up later than usual but SO WHAT?? We have to have fun sometimes, right?

I feel lonely and down sometimes, don't get me wrong. When that happens, though, I sit down and make a list of the things I am thankful for. That almost always puts it in perspective. If not, then I go to bed!! HA Exercising always makes me feel better and puts things in persepective for me.

I do hope that someday I can find a partner. Right now, though, I'm "bogged down" in the single motherness - trying to raise my kids right while having some fun. And I'm kind of loving it!

P.S. See! Not one "X" was mentioned! HA
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