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The Circle

For all the woman I have come to know,who share the unfortunate experiences of inferility..

Welcome to the family, they all said to me
We're here and we will help you,though we wish it not to be
No one wants to join this circle, but god chose us to be part.
To help out those who need it, to mend a broken heart..

We are women on this road called life
Wo carry on through heartache and strife
We are sisters with one goal in mind, we have not reached just yet.
To one day be called Mother, we pray taht we are let..

So for now we band together, to cheer and to support
We lift our lowly hearts to god, and pray in one accord.
God give peace to all our sisters, and maybe even joy,
And someday fill our hearts and hands with a little girl or boy..
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