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the closer i get, the more neurotic i get...

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okay, so, i'm "33 weeks" as of tomorrow...and baby spends most of its time either transverse or diagonal.

i guess i'm nervous because my first came early (at 35 weeks, no complications), and i've got it in my head that this one will be early, too, although i know i could go much longer than last time....

so, i guess my question is, when should i be concerned about baby's position? if baby ends up breech, i'm sure i could handle it easily enough on my own....but this transverse/diagonal thing has me a little nervous...

any reassuring words?
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I can tell you that the baby will move into a better position when labor starts. Babies "like" to get into more optimal positions for birth. Or, if not, you will deliver him/her however she/he wants to come out!
I agree that there really isn't any reason to worry about it until labor. I swear my 2nd baby was transverse when labor started, he came out just fine, head first in a mere 2 hours.

I guess if baby was lined up poorly, labor COULD drag on for quite a while, but barring any serious issues, I say most babies are just going to need TIME to figure the way OUT

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thanks, ladies, that helps ease my mind
especially now that prodromal labor has started!
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