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The crying is driving me NUTS!!!

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My son right now is driving me crazy. From the time he gets home from school to the time he goes to bed he cries and cries and cries. And he doesn't just sob, its an all out meltdown. Over the littlest things too. He could see his sister playing with something he wants and he wails. There is no way to distract him and get him to focus on something else either. The only time he is ever happy is if I lay down with him. But I have two other kids to deal with and I can't do that all the time! I have tried to put him in the bed and let him watch a movie to wind down but that only helps if something else doesn't catch his attention. He does enjoy playing outside but there are days when the weather isn't permitable.

I guess this is more of a vent because I really do feel that I've hit my limit with the crying. There are days when I call the sitter in early and leave an hour early for my daughters extracurricular activities just so I can get out of the house.

I feel horribly guilty because he is at school all day and then within 30 min I'm already hoping they'll go to bed.

Am I a horrible mother?
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It sounds like the two of you could use a relaxation routine for him when he gets home from school. I know one kid who was having similar issues, although not so much crying but some crying, whining, falling apart, etc. So her dad got her a whole bunch of books on tape and when she gets home from school, she gets a snack plate and lies on the rug in the living room having a snack and listening to a book on tape. This relaxes her and helps give her more energy used during the school day. Then she has a much easier time dealing with the rest of the afternoon/evening.
I know!!! The after school meltdowns are awful. I had to come up with a rock solid, no negotiations routine. I use a picture list to detail the routine, and he follows it pretty well now. Gives him the structure that he needs when he comes home instead of open, empty space that he fills with wailing, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. I have him take off shoes, coat and backpack and we put everything away. Then he uses the toilet and washes his hands and sits down at the table to eat lunch, which I have waiting for him b/c it's easiest for me that way. He eats and THEN has free play. The free play has a time limit, b/c he naps at 1pm. So he has clear-cut now/then activities that help ease the transition from the rigidly structured school routine to the more fluid, less structured afternoon at home. Our "bad" time of the day is dinner through bedtime, I'm always scrambling to fill that time productively and with something other than television.

Anyway, you might consider making a fairly predictable routine for him so he knows what to expect and he can better anticipate what's going to hapen and when.
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