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Unique Solution for Healthy Teeth

review by melanie mayo

"Is a cavity-free childhood really possible? Absolutely."

That's the claim of company The Dental Essentials, creator of a "synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals that is the first nutritional supplement specifically formulated to reduce cavities. It can even help heal tooth decay that may have already begun."

How does it work?

Founder Melinda Friedman says:

"We went back to the nutritional research of the 20s, 30s and 40s and were amazed at the quality of the research, and the results that were achieved: complete reversal, healing and prevention of cavities through nutrition. These clinical studies were published in the best peer-reviewed medical and dental journals of the day, yet today are almost completely unknown. The ingredients in The Dental Essentials are based on the successful results of these studies."

After having had the chance to use The Dental Essentials for my children and myself I am very impressed with this product and feel there have been very real benefits to our entire family. I have seen my toddler's decay come to a halt and my older daughter's budding permanent teeth seem brighter and stronger than ever with no decay. I will continue to use this product for many years to come to prevent and strengthen my children's teeth through the changes of childhood.

We happily included The Dental Essentials in our new Healing Teeth Naturally Guide. Check it out.

Visit their website for a ton of information about why The Dental Essentials can be effective in overall dental health.

Information in this post is based on my experience with a product provided to me for free for the purpose of review.

safe, easy to take., tasteless

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