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Gotta love that Diaper Fairy! Her timing is perfect!

Yesterday afternoon I loaded up the boys for an impromptu visit with my folks (about 30 minutes away). My oldest is potty trained during the day, so I didn't pack him anything and only grabbed a few prefolds for my younger son. I checked the mail on our way out (literally - we were already in the car) and there was a package from the Diaper Fairy!!! It was a toddler sized stacinator (I'd never tried one of those - LOVE it!) How fun to get surprise fluff!!!! I was so shocked... and anyway, so we went on to my parents' house. The short visit turned into a long visit with my oldest son and my parents begging for him to spend the night there. I wanted to let him (time with grandparents is SO precious) and then I could be home alone with my youngest on the eve of his birthday and relive my FANTASTIC dream birth in my mind with just him and my hubby. BUT I didn't have a diaper for Sam for nighttime! He's a big kid and doesn't fit in Keller's dipes... then I remembered my fairy gift - it fits Sam perfectly and I had prefolds - voila - a nighttime dipe for a big toddler boy! I was so excited. Sam stayed over and the cover held up beautifully (I don't even know if they come lanolized!). Thanks, Diaper Fairy, for perfect timing, a wonderful evening to relive my son's birth (Happy 1st Birthday, sweet boy!), and a gorgeous diaper cover as well. What a gift!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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