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OK, a little background to set this up. I bought a celestial baby fitted 2 weeks ago, and I
it. I wanted more, but there was no stock. I kept missing them on the TP. I missed today's stocking.
Then, I got my mail today. . .and . . .

Here is Karis in her beautiful hand-dyed hemp fitted. It is soooo soft and yummy I love it (er, uh, I mean, SHE loves it!)! This was on the TP the other day, and I was
when Jenn told me it was already sold. Then I was
when I missed the stocking this morning. Then, I got my mail and I was

Thank you diaper fairy, this was an awesome gift. I'm leaving tonight for a two week vacation, and was wondering how I'd get along with NO fluff for that long. This ought to tide me over

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