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AWWWWW we were fairied! Some one sent Josh the CUTESET wool cover! It's a soft and cuddly light blue wool with an adorable baby laying on a crescent moon embroidered on the back.
It's gorgeous! The inside is a super soft and fluffy white fleece (I think), the kind you have to rub your cheeks on because it's so delicous. The fairy also sent us some wool waterproofer and wool wash! Thank you so very much diaper fairy. I'll post pics later, the batteries in my camera are kaput.

And once again the DF had great timing. Two days ago I had to make an emeregecy trip to the dentist (whom I detest in a gigantic way- they scare me
) for a cracked molar crown and I've been taking Ibuprofin like a fiend. So it truly hurts to smile, but I have been ever since I opened the DF package!


you and keep up the good work. You are making so many mamas so happy
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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