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Any Ina May fans out there?
Anyone planning on going to the Farm to have the baby? I've considered this, but know very little about it. I've been reading her books though and I LOVE the idea!
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In my perfect world, I would be able to give birth at the farm...This really is one of dreams!!..

I would love to hear of anyone here has...
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I agree that would be really cool

I know of at least one Mama on here that gave birth on the Farm, I believe it was a breech baby boy. I can't remember her username, but her story is in the Birth Stories forum.

ETA, I found two in Birth Stories: Vbac Farm Birth, and Breech Farm Birth
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I know a mama in my area that might travel to The Farm to give birth if her baby is persistantly breech. I'd think about it, but probably I'd still do a homebirth. (The Farm is about 6-8 hours from where I live, I think).

My MW is meeting Ina May at the Midwifery Today conference this week (OK, last weekend?) and I can't wait to hear the story!
I know at least one mama here delivered a vaginal breech baby at the farm, almost a year ago now! You can find her story in the Birth stories thread. Search for Thomas and Breech and it should pop right up!
I just read one of her books. I would love to deliver at the farm but being that I am on Okinawa, Japan I don't think it is likely :LOL
I just read one of her books, and LOVED reading all the birth stories! So completely encouraging and amazing... would love to go there myself, but we're in CA, and don't have the $$ or extra time to travel there
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I would love to and will try to with my 2nd!My midwife was born at the farm and lived there when she was a kid.Her baby picture is even in spiritual midwifery.
If I could I would! I had a home birth and while it was a great birth, I am still drawn to what seems to be the "magic" of the Farm birthing center. It seems like it would be so very empowering to be surrounded by so many people who believe that birth is such a wonderful thing and that every mother can do it. The way it comes across in the books is like there is absolutely no doubt that you can and will have a great birth. That attitude seems to be not only with the midwives but prevelant throughout the commune. While my homebirth went well and my midwives were good, there was a lot of fighting others beliefs on what a safe birth was during my pregnancy. For example, the look on my landlords face when I told them. Not exactly supportive. And that took a lot of energy from my home magic.
I would definitely call them and talk to them if I were you.
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