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The justification thread...

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So... I own two wool covers for Cicely. One Bijou Baby Gear and one BBH from Virg
. The BJBG is thin and stretchy and mmm so perfect! The BBH is thick and heavy and great for overnight. So... can I justify stalking Kiwi Pie?

Do I have a NEED? Even if I have a need whether or not I'd be able to get one is another matter. But alas... there are other wool covers in the world. I just love that Kiwi's will sell when I'm done with it.

Ug... what to do!?! Need? Want? Dumb? Heck, I don't know!
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Only TWO?!? I think I have about fifteen covers/soakers for Gemma, and the number is ever growing. I have a bit of a wool addiction. (Hi, I'm April, and I'm addicted to wool.
: )

Okay, so now that I got that out of my system ... Look at it like this. You can always use it for the next baby, too! And Kiwi will hold up and resell, even after two kids. See, justification.
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I think you should go for a Kiwi.... unless you wanna stalk MM for me!
: If CC's rise is really truly only 14" (or up to 16" with a diaper on), go for a small--less competition for those probably and they are really generously sized so her little 11" thighs will have no problem in them.
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Oooh, April... I was hoping you'd say, "TWO IS ALL ANYONE NEEDS!!!"
But, you didn't. Hmmm. You guys are swaying me!

I really need MM and Kiwi to be at different times so that I can help you, Angelica!!! Did anyone hear back from either saying they'll make their times differently... or is this the on chance we have to really score big, because the Hyenas are split?

I was thinking small if I did go for one... but then, there's a small on the TP right now... but it's pink and purple. I prefer GN... esp if I went with a small. Oh, oh! What to do!
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you should just go for it!

stockings are so much fun, that even when i don't need anything it's so difficult not to participate if i'm around.
Yes, I think you should stalk KP. They will only come up occasionally now and they are great covers for a newborn, so very soft. You'll likely need more than two.
Me, on the other hand, I should NOT stalk KP. I have two of the most beautiful covers from there already, and we use and love them a lot
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Oops, I meant to say, yes, go for a small (and even then they outgrow them too fast!).
Whew, you guys are so persuasive!!!
Ok... I'm putting on my stalking hat! And...
: I do wish those NB/Small size were going today!!!

Oceanchild has got to be the CUTEST thing ever!!! I love that Too Funny pic!
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What a great belly! How are you feeling?

Okay, need more than 2. As is, you only have one for day and one for night. So you need one to use while the other dries/airs out.

Good Luck!
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Claire, your belly pic looks awesome! Such a cute little preggo tummy!

I say you should go for it, I am LOL! I have 2 KP covers for ds, and I already have 1 KP cover on the way for my next babe. Remember: Your stalking for 2 kiddos. You can never have enough KP, and you're right, they will sell if you decide you don't need or want them.

BTW: I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better!
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so...what are you aiming for?

I am hopeless at hyena cart, but I can still try to help

(and what's the easiest way to stalk for someone at hyena you need their info? )
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Alright... as if it was a sign from God... I was just putting away diaper laundry (my DH washes, I fold/put away)... and what did I find... BOTH my wool covers in the basket... washer AND dryer. Um... I don't think I'm allowed a KP.

I can justify another Bijou Baby Gear though, because this thing has been through the entire wash cycle three or four times now and still is stretchy and fits Cicely perfectly.

Ok, so no stalking for me. I don't deserve a Kiwi since I can't protect my two covers as is! (Oh, and the BBH looks just the same.
Maybe a little more felted, but not bad... Sorry, Virg!
I'm treating C's BBH badly!!!)

Thanks for the compliments on my pooch.
I've lost a total of 21 lbs, but seemingly everything I had poured into my gut.

Thanks for asking how I'm doing. I'm on medication to help cut down on the vomitting and now I feel like I have regular Morning Sickness (throwing up 3-8 times a day and nausea and exhaustion) instead of making so many trips in and out of the hosptial. I've even gains back almost one of the pounds that I lost. So, things are looking up. I'm just ready to feel normal again!

Janet, thanks for the offer on stalking... I'm just wool's worst nightmare. I couldn't do that to a Kiwi!!!
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at least they made it through in one piece

so when will they start making kiwi pies in fleece? :LOL
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hey claire, how about a sugar peas wool cover? good quality, reasonably priced and good resale in my experience. I think you can absolutely justify some other wool cover, even if it's not a KP -- now that the new little one will be able to wear it after CC, kwim?

julie, you're pregnant too? I didn't know! congrats!!
:LOL well glad to hear that your wool has held up. I would have heart faliure if I pulled a piece of wool from the dryer. That is why DH stays aways from my diapers. He knows he would loose his man hood if he messed up a piece of my wool. :LOL He tip toes around a piece when it is even laying on the sofa. :LOL
Ha! Thanks guys!
Hi, Aurora!
I think I deleted your last PM accidentally or did I manage to PM you back? I can't remember.

Corey -- at this point my husband would be a unich and have undergone a transgender sex change if I did something to him everytime he mistreated wool! At least he understands knit... just not the fabric wool.

Yay, Julie's gonna have a baby!!!!

Janel -- :LOL Do you think she would!?!? Fleece Kiwis!!!
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Originally Posted by mamaroni
julie, you're pregnant too? I didn't know! congrats!!
Thanks Colleen!

And I agree, SugarPeas wool covers are great too. I have at least 4 for ds, and they've always worked great for us. I think it's the super soft cashmere that suckers me into KP though.
Well Claire?? How'd ya do? Did you score any KP or MM fluff today?
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