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Ok, so my parents wre adopting a kitty but she died after surgery. Come to find out she had FIP. There are 2 other kittens in the same shlter that also die from FIP.

So, the 2nd kittythey were adopting was from that shelter and there was a possiblity of that kitty dying as well.

We ended up having to take our big cat to the vet and come to find out they were adopting out 2 kittens.

Right now I have 4 cats in my 1100 sqft house!! There is a cat in almost everyroom! Right now there is one on the kitchen counter, one looking at the cat on the counter and 2 wrestling in the livingroom

My got a call fromt he vet today and Mickie has made it this far and they were calling to tell her what time to ome pick him up.SHe called back and was advised to NOT adopt Mickie. My parents are sad but glad there is finally closure.

So, Saturday they will take the other 2 kitties home. The boys are going to miss them
But they will still get to visit!!
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