The Magic Morning Basket awaits for your child's early morning rising. He will awaken and go straight for his basket, discovering the contents and playing quietly, buying YOU a little time in the morning.

The basket is placed in the room where your child(ren) sleeps. Its contents are things from your home: toys and crafts that your child owns and has access to, but will appear sparkly and fresh for discovery by virtue of their placement.

The goal of the basket is to offer opportunities for self-play and discovery. As such, the items that comprise the basket work to this aim. Choose ONE item from each category. The idea is to create a single offering in each category (or some of the categories,) and to vary the "ingredients" each day. Every morning will render a new Magic Morning Basket.

Magic Morning Basket Suggestions:

Make-believe manipulatives: animal figurines, dolls, fairies, knights, super-heros, baby-dolls

Crafty material: play dough, clay, pens, crayons, colored pencils, paper, notebook, coloring book

Crafty material for older children: beads for jewelry making, paper dolls, needle point, finger knitting

Dream Journal: to draw a picture of the dream, the feeling of the dream, or words from the dream

Entertainment: picture books or stories-on-tape (cd or ipod)

Building/Imagination: legos, building blocks, lincoln logs, connex

Games: (if you have siblings of age): card games, board games

Nibbles: a water bottle and something simple, nutritious and age appropriate to tide your child over until a proper breakfast is served: fruit, crackers, trail mix, dry cereal.

To gain all the benefit the Magic Morning Basket has to offer, it is best to Set The Stage the night before, as in, "When you wake up in the morning, you will find a Magic Morning Basket waiting by your bedside. Feel free to make your discoveries quietly while momma and poppa rest."

Once your child is used to their quiet Magic Morning Basket time, you may find you are able to engage your own quiet morning activities such as reading, writing, computer work, etc, with little interruption. You may even want to put your paper work in a Magic Morning Basket waiting for you while you sleep.



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