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Has been removed. We are no longer hosting news/current event threads that focus on an individual newsmaker's experiences. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. Please see this for more information:

Due to our volunteer moderators time limitations, we no longer wish to host celebrity gossip, speculation or conspiracy theories. This will also extend to celebrity news threads. News and current events and celebrity news posted to these forums will be removed.

Please note that we are discontinuing these topics and not shifting them to other forums. We will not host news and current events issues in Finding Your Tribe, TAO or Media. News and current events posted to these forums will be removed.
Please also note our Healthcare Provider Review Policy here. We are not hosting negative personal reviews about practices, providers, care centers, etc. unless the information presented is based on publicly available and verifiable information. They treated me crappy or I had a horrible experience at xyz hospital because the nurses were mean, unfortunately, is not something we are currently able to host. This type of information needs to be conveyed via PM.

Please PM me with any questions. Thanks!
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