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morning sickness: what helped you?

  • accupuncture

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • essential oil aromatherapy

    Votes: 5 6.9%
  • special diet

    Votes: 5 6.9%
  • lifestyle changes: extra sleep/more frequent meals

    Votes: 27 37.5%
  • sips of tea, canned peach syrup, or other food

    Votes: 7 9.7%
  • sea bands

    Votes: 11 15.3%
  • Morning Sickness Magic

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • carob

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • ginger capsules

    Votes: 6 8.3%
  • extra b6

    Votes: 11 15.3%
  • papaya enzyme

    Votes: 4 5.6%
  • emetrol

    Votes: 1 1.4%
  • dilectin or vit b6 + unisom

    Votes: 7 9.7%
  • marijuana

    Votes: 10 13.9%
  • nothing worked for me :(

    Votes: 25 34.7%

THE morning sickness poll- what worked for you?

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Okay, thanks for everyone's help on the other thread. Here is the poll. It will only let me do 15 choices which now i know why this is so confusing...i have way more than 15 suggestions. unfortunately i will be out of town for a few weeks so i won't be able to check in for a while.
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Waiting four months worked great

Actually, nothing really worked for me, except for one of the hardest things was showering--the steaminess made me so pukey! That was pretty much solved by Burt's Bees peppermint soap. the very strong peppermint scent really helped.
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Different things worked for different pgs. W/my first, preggo pops and peppermint tea really helped. I didn't have any m/s w/my 2nd and w/my 3rd (this pg), I took a doc's advice and took some b vitamins. Those worked really well! Hth and good luck finding what works for you!
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how much b6 were you taking? i already had 15 mg in my vitamin plus whatever was in my food. my mw told me 25 mg.

i hope the poll gets lots of votes. will be interesting. i think next time i get a positive ept i'm heading to the health food store. so i'm prepared next time!
Only 3 things worked for me and none of them healthy, 2000ml's of fluid though an IV daily, the only liquid that stayed down and didn't make me puke was Coke, not pepsi but coke (seems to be a common thing that works in moms with hyperemesis) and pure protein, no carbs at all. If it once had a pulse I could eat it but if it didn't I would puke on the 1st bite. Thank god it mostly subsided by 18 weeks!
I was also wondering about B vits...I have a B complex vit that I was thinking of taking, but was unsure if the 'other Bs' in the complex would pose any problems...anyone know? It is Nature Made Super B-Complex with Vit C and folic acid...also has B6 and B12. Some of the other ingredients that I'm curious about are Calcium Phosphate, Ascorbic Acid, Niacinamide, and Magnesium Stearate.
Funny...I would take this to my Dr, but for some reason I have more faith that you ladies have done the foot work on this at one point in time or another and probably can provide me with a better answer...oh it was sad when my naivete wore off and I decided not to trust Drs very much (happened with the birth of my dd)
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Nothing worked perfectly, but the high doses of B-complex vitamins were the biggest improvement by far.
You might want to think about changing one of the choices to "other". I wound up on Zofran and then Reglan because nothing else helped. I would recommend visiting's a site devoted to hyperemesis in pregnancy, and there are *tons* of suggestions there.
i voted for the few things that worked for me at various times (sea bands, eating more frequent small meals) but i also voted that nothing worked for me because there were times when i had tried everything and really nothing worked. also, it was common for something to help me one week but then not the next or the next or ever again.

the other things that worked were eating popsicles first thing in the morning, sucking on jolly ranchers throughout the day, and my latest experiment (but i'm mostly past the morning sickness stuff) 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar in 8oz of water (it's actually really yummy!).

Here's a link to the thread I posted about the miraculaous apple cider vineger cure! Worked for me!
I ended up on Zofran as well because nothing helped. The only cure for me was giving birth.
Somewhere around month 3, the deep nausea turned to heartburny nausea, and I still faithfully took Diclectin (a B6 and antihistamine combo) and eating every 1-2 hours. Then in January it got really! bad, like where I was burning every 5 minutes and water felt like vinegar burning down my throat. Then I tried Zantac, and it helped, but it or the Diclectin or the combo of raised my liver enzymes! so I had to quit. Thankfully I also realized through running out of cheese one day that part of my problem was eating dairy! I quit dairy and Zantac and Diclectin, and am now eating every 2 hours (sometimes more often or less often) and also taking Tums when I need to. And really hoping it will end when the baby is born!! It has been a long time and some days feels like heartburny morning sickness will be a part of my body always
(must have faith...must have faith...)
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Carbonated water worked for me it tastes gross but did wonders.
I used little spearmints. Worked great. Others use peppermints, but I hate peppermint.
Lemon. Fresh lemons in my water, lemon pie, Claire's organic lemon tarts, the smell of good lemon verbena soap. All of these were soothing to me but they didn't "cure" the morning sickness.

I have tried upping the Bvits, especially the B6, but I don't see any differences.

I had the homeopathic remedy sepia work wonders for the adic indigestion that I got early with this preg. It's still early, I'm about 10-11 weeks, but the heartburn is gone. I also have taken ipecac and pusatilla with some benefit...but not a cure.

October seems a long way away.
I didn't check any of them because, of the one's I tried, noting worked for me... BUT protein shakes ended my morning sickness within 2 hours of the first one! Turns out my body was just so depleted of protein and all the other wonderful nutrients whey has to offer that I was really sick. I mean, I could barely even stand up long enough to walk to the bathroom... I was that weak! I couldn't eat, I was gagging nonstop. I felt like I had constant motion sickness. But yeah, protein took care of it.

With my first pg I didn't get sick so long as I made myself eat a few bites of food every 1.5-2 hours. This pregnancy was a whole nother story!
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a picc line with 4000 mls of IV fluids a day and IV gravol 4-6 times a day, when it would stay down I also took diclectin and eventually reglan.
Mine subsided at around 28 was bearable, I still puked a couple times a day, but nothing like in the beginning.

Originally Posted by shannon0218
a picc line with 4000 mls of IV fluids a day and IV gravol 4-6 times a day, when it would stay down I also took diclectin and eventually reglan.
Mine subsided at around 28 was bearable, I still puked a couple times a day, but nothing like in the beginning.
Those PICC lines are great arn't they? The longest my IV's would last was 30 hours and I hated daily sticks but LOVED my PICC! Plus it meant I could just hook up and the pump would watch for air bubbles and stuff and I could sleep
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Yep, you gotta love a picc--and the damn thing totally saved my life when I went into DIC after my D&C with the pregnancy after Molly--did you know they can hang 2 bags of blood and a bag of fluids and have them all run in super fast with a picc?
I had 'morning' sickness with motion sickness this time around...

I took homeopathic sulphur for the m/s part of it- if I took it the second I felt nausea coming on it usually kept me from throwing up. I took Hylands Motion Sickness remedy anytime I had to go somewhere to keep from throwing up while driving/riding. The worst of it was over around 16 weeks thankfully, but now I get occasional waves of nausea again now that I'm almost to the end of the pg.
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