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the mother of all stink

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I got a few hyena AIOs at a great price
and today I finally got them washed and ready to use. I put one on Ethan and when I took it off, the stench was just unbelievable. I am not talking your run-of-the-mill fishy hemp stink...this literally smelled like a petting zoo

Will the standard wash in hot water a bazillion times stripping cure this, or will I need to break out the big guns?

these dipes
please help me save them, mamas
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i had this happen to me too once and i got them clean

i used more detergent than normal - then about 4 hot washes and enough warm rinses with added vinegar until the suds were gone

you can save them
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I have gotten a few dipes that smell really bad (as in, when DS pees you immediately start going "Oh my god!"). Repeated hot washing seem to have taken care of it.

I guess having buildup must be pretty common, because most of the dipes I've gotten (except for the ones that were only used once or twice) had some buildup issues.
We've had that stink before. My sympathies!

IMO that kind of stink comes from not just build-up but from bacteria in the build-up... so you have to kill those suckers! Really really hot washes with detergent, boiling, microwaving, or bleach should all do the trick. Ours was in our MOE microterry inserts we use for night, so I washed them on hot with a little bit of bleach--because they are just microterry inserts, it was worth the risk--and that took care of it. Not that I am recommending bleaching your hyena AIOs!
: I think that is a last resort, just letting you know it can be beat! Good luck!
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Sorry you have the stinkies!!!
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I guess I'll try the standard hot strip washings first, and then go from there. I don't want to risk the snaps/elastic by boiling or microwaving (although I could boil the doublers

And if I get desparate I could stand over the boiling water and let the soaker hang in (it's sewn in).
can you see my dh laughing at me for that one? :LOL

Thanks mamas

I have hope
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I am washing a load of AIO's which are all fairly broken in and only used by my DS and I could smell the pee coming from inside the washer which is behind a closed door. Also I had two wet VB AIO's in my car yesterday for about an hour and OMG the amonia smell was knocking me out. I thought about pulling over and tying the wet bag to the roof rack.

Is this a sign that I need to do a good stripping? I've never stripped my diapers before. And what about the new VB's (they are about two weeks old) do I need to wash them more to get the oild out of the cloth? I've never had diaper stink before.
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