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I apologize now if this is posted elsewhere....

I need help deciding what to do about naming a future child....

My partner and I want to have a child together. We have discussed last names, the most acceptable solution thus far is to combine our last names, legally change our names to it, and name the baby the same last name. One reason I, as the biological mother, want to do it this way is to give my partner more of a connection to the baby. Sounds fine...until....I have a 9 y/o son as a single mom so his last name is my current last name. We have talked to him and given him the option of also changing his name to the new name and he has said that he wants to keep what he has (which is great!).

So my question I guess is...Do you have any other ideas? Do you think it will affect him or the next child(ren) to have different last names? Will it cause confusion in school? Am I just overthinking this???? Do last names really not matter that much anymore?

Thanks so much for any input...

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I wouldn't worry about it. My daughter has her father's last name, even though he's never really been a big part of her life. Honestly, I just liked the way the name sounds better. It's never really been an issue, and she (or your son) can change it then if it becomes one.

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