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An organic alternative

review by heatherb

I was very glad to find an alternative to the standard nursing pillow that is truly ALL organic. The buckwheat hull filling is very supportive and adjustable. The crescent-shaped pillow differs from most of the other pillows on the market, but makes it a great option for larger mamas who may not get a lot of use out of the contours of other brands. As well, it is a lovely shape for supporting a baby in a reclined position. The covers are beautiful and machine washable, which is a must with a little one!

The only downsides to the pillow are the size/weight/heft of it - buckwheat hulls are dramatically heavier than polyester fiber fill! - and the price. But, it's a fabulous option in a niche market with not many (organic) options.

Organic, supportive, adjustable, washableHeavy, expensive


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The Nesting Pillow - Organic Nursing Pillow with Washable Slip Cover

All Organic Materials:
The Nesting Pillow is 100% organic and non-allergenic. New mothers care deeply about what's next to their newborn baby's skin and love the fact that The Nesting Pillow is safe for even the most sensitive babies.

Perfect Positioning for Nursing:
The Nesting Pillow is filled with organic buckwheat hulls, which make it possible to shift the contents around like a bean bag to find the perfect position unique to each mother and baby. Once the position is set the little pyramid-shaped hulls inside the pillow interlock together to conform to the shape and hold the position. Additionally, the unique filling allows air to circulate keeping both baby and mother cool and comfortable.

Easy to Clean:
The easily removable slipcover is made of pre-washed and dried fabric to make it machine-washable and able to handle frequent washings, which is often necessary when feeding young babies. (The inside pillow can be spot cleaned and heat sanitized by putting it in the dryer for 20 minutes.)

Additional Uses:
The Nesting Pillow is a terrific support for bottle feeding babies too! Additionally, the repositioning ability of The Nesting Pillow makes it a great back and belly support for pregnant mothers and an excellent abdominal support after caesarean surgery. When the baby isn't nursing, use it to hold your lap-top computer in place while keeping your lap cool and comfortable. The Nesting Pillow also creates a more supportive "lap" when young children want to hold the baby. (Use The Nesting Pillow only with careful parental supervision.)

All Blessed Nest products are made in America using 100% organic materials and are shipped in recyclable and compostable packaging.

BindingBaby Product
FeatureThe most comfortable nursing pillow available for mothers and babies of all sizes!
LabelBlessed Nest
List Price$87.00
ManufacturerBlessed Nest
Product GroupBaby Product
Product Type NameBABY_PRODUCT
PublisherBlessed Nest
StudioBlessed Nest
TitleThe Nesting Pillow - Organic Nursing Pillow with Washable Slip Cover
Height5 inches
Length30 inches
Weight6 pounds
Width16 inches
BrandBlessed Nest
Package Quantity1
ColorAqua Blue


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