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The Official FlyingSpaghettiMama Story 'o' Happily Harrowing Homebirth

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That was the BEST birth story I have ever, ever read!
GREAT story! What a great writer you are! Congrats!
That should be published!
Glad all went well i nthe end.
Fantastic! So witty and entertaining! Congrats!
I giggled so loudly that i woke my daughter up (who, by the way, fell asleep watching "the Last Unicorn")

Great story! This is one that i'll be sharing with my fiance' to further convince him of a water homebirth! *waves at honey--thanks for reading it*
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Congrats, that was one darn fine birth story! And I hate Caillou too!
Congratulations! Hands-down one of the most entertaining birth stories I've ever read- I could totally picture everyone...
And doulas like yours give doulas a bad name!

You are awesome!
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This is one of the best birth stories I have ever read.
Have you considered a writing career?

Enjoy your sweet new son!


Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital
That was the BEST birth story I have ever, ever read!
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That was awesome! Except for the scary doula.
I love that story. Very entertaining. Congratulations to you!
Great story!! Congrats on your homebirth!
That was so cool to read!!! And I bet even cooler to experience!
Super Wow story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!
That was an awsome're a wonderful writer, I couldn't stop myself from laughing. Sorry about the doula! Congrats on your little one
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Congratulations Mama! What a well written story! Loved it!!! Thanks for sharing
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Just... wow! Great birth story, I'm ecstatic everything went so well for you. And hilarious to boot!
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What a great birth story!

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that is an amazing story! so sorry your doula was ch a freak! I guess there are freaks of every kind, even ones that are supposed to be good!
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