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the old toddler biteing issue

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o.k., i know this has been asked before, but i don't have the time for a search, as i am losing my mind! my 22 mo. old has been pushing everyone--- especially older brother, 4yrs., for the past several weeks. they already have a tough relationship despite all my efforts. i am all out of ideas and now it's just damage control. anyway, now ds2 has started biting ds1 and i don't know how to handle it in a loving way. i am really pissed at this point even though i know it's just developmental. is there a way of teaching ds2 without adding to the drama? how can i cope with my own angry feelings effectively? how much anger is it appropriate to show these kids. i mean, i want to be authentic but not hurtful. ugh! when toddlers aren't the cutest creatures in the world they are sooooooooo frustrating!!!!!!
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I think you should read 'siblings without rivalry' - your local LLL group will have it in their library or the normal library should have it. Also Liberated Parents, Liberated Children and How to Talk so Children will Listen and Listen so children will talk - I really think these books will help you in your situation. It's really hard I know, it's frustration of not being able to express themselves vocally - have you tried Baby Sign Language the book Baby Signs is great - it could really help also if you've tried Toddler Yoga it can also work miracles - I do yoga with my kids and it really helps dd is 4.5 and ds is 19 months.
thanks--- do you have a good toddler yoga book or video suggestion?
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