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*~*the One Thread April 2nd To April 8th*~*

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Waiting To O

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megan sacha

: Waiting To Know

massaginmommy (Laurie)
Pycelan (Becky)

Waiting To Be Ready

Mavournin (Gillian)

March BFPs

lexbeach (Lex)
Bethkm (Beth)

April BFPs

nicklepic (Nicole)

Happy Sunday girls! Please, when requesting changes make them bold so they catch my
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I've got my fingers crossed for you!
Congrats to all the BFP's.. im not soo hopeful this cycle... and ff put my coverline alot higher than it was... sheesh..
Congratulations Andrea and Kerri!
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NO congrats yet...there was no line this morning
I still have no sgins of AF and high temps, so we'll see. I think I was 16 DPO w/ DS when I got a BFP but I wasn't looking for one with him. Ah well...patience is a virtue

Tricia: Awww...hang in there! Here's hoping you won't be romancing the syringe for much longer
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Hey can yall help me do a conversion? Somehow yesterday morning my thermometer got stuck on Celsius, so I got a reading of 36. something...what's that in F? Thanks.
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HARMONY96! Congratulations! (Good thing you've been

I'm in the thick of the 2ww. Is that implantation I feel?
I had a huge temp jump today. I keep explaining it away... it's getting warmer weather wise, I had a glass and a half of wine last night... but... it might also be a good sign.

Another week... hello all!
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Originally Posted by zakers_mama
Hey can yall help me do a conversion? Somehow yesterday morning my thermometer got stuck on Celsius, so I got a reading of 36. something...what's that in F? Thanks.

36 degrees celcius is converted to 97 degree fahrenheit...
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: Congratulations Andrea!!!

Kierdan'smom. But it's not over yet.

I'm CD9.
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Hi ladies... subscribing... sorry I haven't been around lately, but I've been working 2 jobs and by the time I get home I'm soooo tired!

But I'll do personals right now!

Nonie: Awesome Thread!
Love the smilies!

: Congrats! H&H 9 months to you!

Kierdan's:Hang in there! It's not over till the fat lady sings right???

Funnygrace:I think we might be cycle buddies... I'm in the middle of the 2ww also!

As for me, I'm 6DPO and just trucking along... I have a temping question though... so this AM I woke up when I usually do, but didn't temp right away because I brought dd back to bed with me and fell asleep while she was watching Sesame Street. That was probably 2 hours of semi-asleep sleep that I got so I temped when I woke up... well my temp was 98.54 so I did the temp corrector and FF gave me a reading of 97.54 to change it to, which is WAY below my coverline of 97.82.... Do I use the temp that I had this AM or the corrected one??? Should I override it if my temp is around the same tomorrow AM?? I need advice please! Maybe it was just a really big implant dip????
Lets hope so! Talk to you all soon!
, and
to everyone!
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Tesalyn'smommy--I think you should throw out today's temp... or just cheat it and put it up with the others. I think your uncorrected temp is probably closer to the real temp, but in any case it isn't a really crucial day. Even though I know it feels like it--I'm totally obessing over my temp today! You've O'd and you're waiting, and "implantation dips" do not always correlate to pregnancy. In fact, I've had one every month so far! Not yet though this month... maybe not having one is a good sign? Yes we are close enough for cycle buddies--I'm 9dpo. Come on December babes!
Just a quicky post to say that I'm at 10 dpo but I'm not going to test until 12 (at least!)...I have a few twinges, my boobs are slightly sensitive but not really clanging-gong sore like they were last time...I don't have a huge amount of cm going on, again, like last time. So I don't know. I don't feel like I'm pregnant but I don't feel like AF is imminent either. Just have to wait...
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Wow, lots of BFP's!
what do you think of this one?
It was a liiiiittle clearer IRL, and it's hard to tell in the picture, but if you squint (or look at a different angle on a flatscreen monitor), there's definitely SOMETHING there. Right? Right?

Gotta run now, but I'll test again this evening...
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Eek! New week, new thread, I totally keep forgetting about this!

Ohhhh, and DST too. I hate DST - it was the one good thing about living in Indiana (although as of today they're officially idiots, too, sigh).

Ok, enough grumping.

I temped this morning at the same sun time, so it was normal (for me), but tomorrow it will be by clock time, so it will be interesting to see if my temp does anything funky.

Magen - I would definitely just skip that temp altogether. I end up throwing out one or two a week (weekends are killer for me, although I did get it right this morning, yay!
), but I still get enough reliable temps to show a clear pattern, so no worries.

ETA whoMe - I see nothing, sorry.
But definitely don't give up hope!

Kerri - you don't give up hope either!
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whoMe--What a photo! I *can* kind of see that vertical haze... excited about your evening report. I can also see amazing fabric details and fine pet hairs!
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Hi All! I figured I'd jump in here since I've decided that as of this cycle (beginning 4-1-06
), TTC is NO LONGER on the back burner.

Things I've realized in the last few months (EIGHT, to be exact):
1. I DO NOT like these newfangled tests that have the + or -. Call me crazy, but I just hate seeing a NEGATIVE in the conventional "-" sense. I'd rather just see one (vertical) line. Somehow it seems less negative LOL.
2. Despite all of my trying to convince myself that I have two children and I really don't NEED a third, and that I want to be low key and just let things happen if they happen, I CAN'T. I am getting baby fever more by the second. It's making me crazy.
3. All of the people who drove me crazy in the beginning of my adventure called motherhood (the 14 months it took to get Samuel) still don't understand that some people just TAKE LONGER to get pregnant. I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to guess if something might be wrong. I don't want anyone asking me how things are going and I sure as hell don't want anyone to feel sorry for me. Just leave me alone and I'll talk about it when and if (!) I want to.
4. Just because I have borne 2 children and took "only" 7 months to get pregnant with DS2 (as opposed to 14 mos with DS1) doesn't mean that pregnancy will be easily achieved, no matter what my hope had been.
5. The more space there is between DS2 and baby #3, the more I think I want 4 children (don't tell DH that).
6. I thought that TTC and being a midwife would be hard, but I still love all of the very pregnant women who grace me with their presence each week, though I am very envious of all of their complaints

So, here I am, Charlotte, TTC #3 (aiming for a girl) and waiting to O. I look forward to meeting everyone, and maybe only spending one month in this forum, if you don't mind
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OKay, fly by personals because I am way bconfused and need some advice

I see a line faintly for the one who posted a pic...and the nice pattern on the blanket
: that its dark soon!

Welcome Charlotte! Midwives rock my world! I can't wait to go back and see mine when I have good news!

To all the finger's crossed ones for me, thanks! Now for my question, okay, there's a faint faint line again this afternoon (Yes I am a POAS Aholic "Hi Kerri") but I also tested on an OPK b/c I was bored and just got all mine in the mail....And I got two very clear control lighter than test lines on 2 OPKs...can I get OPKs that clear when not O'ing? COuld they possibly have noticed the hCG that the pg test hasn't picked up on yet?? Am I just dreaming? Ah well...answers would help!

to all
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Oh how exciting! I loves times like this with so many +++ and the possibility for even more. Congratulations Harmony and anyone I missed!!!!

Kierdan'sMom, I think I read somewhere that you can kind of sort of use an OPK as a pg I'm still hoping you are pg.

Can't wait for your update whoMe.

And finally, AF is here. Please move me to Waiting to O.
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Thanks for making me go back there and look...Just noticed the only negative she got was on an internet cheapie, so I'm gonna send DP out for one last "good" brand one for in the AM. You're a doll!
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