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The One Thread -- Father's Day Edition: June 20-26

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Since it's Father's day I thougt it'd be nice if we all took a moment to talk about what makes our fathers and partners so special.

Soo, if you like, post one good thing about your father and about your partner.

(If your partner isn't a man, post anyway. Fathering and mothering is part of us all).

It's good to think of good things about my dad because it's easy to focus on just HOW BAD a father he was.

Here goes: I got two very good things from my dad: my height (He's 6'6" and my mom's 5'3" -- I'm 5'9") and my sense of humor. My mom can't tell a joke to save her life.

Now the easier one --

Matt: Matt will be a great father. He's so kind and thoughtful. He is always looking out for other's feelings. Our children will be lucky to have someone so intently devoted to their psychological well being.

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My dad is fantastic. He has the greatest sense of humor, and he is sensitive, non-judgemental, calm, caring, and smart. I have always had a great relationship with him, and he taught me to be a lifelong Cubs fan! Can't say enough good thing about him.

My husband Justin is the most wonderful father I've ever known. He is a stay at home dad (since my daughter was 7 weeks old) and has an incredibly close bond to her. He is patient, loving, and so supportive. He is more like the traditional mom role in our family, and I'm the dad, and not just with the money situation. He knows what my daughter's needs are and anticipates them, is very attached, and loves her with all his heart (not that I don't, of course). I am so excited to be taking this journey with him again. I feel lucky every single day when I realize what an awesome father and partner he is.
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Let's see. One good thing about my father - he's always been very supportive of me. In some ways, I feel like he and I grew even closer as I got older, which I thought (and still think) is a bit unusual. I know that if I have a problem, he'll help me fix it first, and save the advice for later.

Dh - he's very much that 'typical' daddy, the one that's always playing and 'fun,' but he still disciplines dd, sometimes more harshly than I would like - but I am thankful for it, that we both share that task. Though some days it is a bigger task than others!

Great idea!
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MY Dad passed 2.5 yrs ago - he had some demons towards the end but now he is @ peace & i'm grateful for that.
he will never get to see my DS.

He was a wonderful G-dad to my DD. He loved her soooooo much. Being a single mom @ the time, he was a good male role model for her.
What I got from my Dad:
love of cars/engines -
ability to know a lot about engines & work on them.
love of the spontaneous
love of hoildays
love of laughing
love of sports
being taught that your word/honor is everything.

My DH -
what can I say:
I waited 40 yrs to find him.
He is honest, FUNNY - one of the funniest people I know.
His honor.
His love of animals
He loves X-mas like I do.
He'd rather be with me than out all the time.
We love to laugh, we love books, sports etc.
I can TRUST him !
He's a fantastic mate & Father.
He puts up with my crap !!


On the brighter side - I had a 10 day LP (out of 27 day cycle).
My longest LP yet !!!!
not bad for still b/'fing so I'm becoming more hopeful.
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Happy Fathers Day to all our daddies! (And our baby-daddies

My daddy gave me: unconditional love, a taste for spicy food (and sushi, both of which my mom hates!), a good sense of rhythm (he's also a drummer), a sense of duty/ responsibility. My step-dad gave me: a love for the outdoors, a love for football (which we share with my dad - and my step-dad also likes sushi and spicy food!) and a lot of encouragement.

Mike will be the best daddy because he is so patient and loving. Also, between the two of us we know everything, so we're gonna have one smart kid! Not to mention all that beauty he'll be passing on! Mike is already a great father to our doggie -- Pint is a daddy's boy, everyone knows that immediately!

Sending hugs to those re-booting
. Des and Joi, I can totally relate to your feeling of relief that at least you were more "normal" than usual!

: for many many many of you!

Over in this corner, I had a bad day yesterday -- absolutely positively felt like I was just about to reboot... felt crampy and depressed most of the day... but no bleeding, and after M got home we took a whirlpool bath and GIO, which made me feel a bit better

Then this morning my temp is up! So -- what up with that? Did I ovulate yesterday (the cramping was very much pelvic oriented, but it could have been my intenstines, I don't know... I had that a few days ago, too). Or did my temp just go up?

We shall see....

Meanwhile, Belly Blessings to us all! (And more post-wedding congrats to Shannon!!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it! I'm sad M's dragonboating prevented me from going... )
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Ok a good thing about my dad, he supplied the semen to fertilize the egg, so that I am here today.

Now the easy one, my dh: Gosh so much to say, he is my best friend, he is so patient, caring, supportive, and the best daddy to our dd. He teaches her to relax and enjoy life and will do anything for her even if it is wearing stick on earrings and playing tea party.

Well my temp is on the rise, I am hoping that means that I have or will be o'ing.
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Best thing about my dad: appreciation for art
Best thing about my stepfather: appreciation for hard work
Great things about dh: wonderful, loving, hard-working, , respectful, warm, hands-on, AP-tolerant
papa to 2 and 1 on the way
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My dad passed away 4 years ago.I loved him even though i felt very abandoned.

My dh is wonderful with our kids.He is fun and smart so they are always learning.

My x-dh is great with our dd.He is a little kid himself so there is always alot of laughing going on.

I made breakfast for my dh and x this morning.Stuffed french toast with ricotta,marscapone,orange zest and slivered almonds and roasted garlic potatoes with scrambled eggs.I also made little creme puffs with fresh raspberries.Yum!

Congrats Shannon~many blessings for your wedded bliss.
My dad is so super positive about life. He's very forgiving and the last person to judge anyone, ever. He's so incredibly accepting and laid back. He's ambitious and so full of life. He's empathetic and sensitive. I've got all of these qualities from him times 10 - especially the sensitivity. LOL

Dh - he's very much that 'typical' daddy, the one that's always playing and 'fun,' but he still disciplines dd, sometimes more harshly than I would like - but I am thankful for it, that we both share that task. Though some days it is a bigger task than others!
These are my thoughts exactly.
DH is one to sit at the park with Hannah for hours where I just can't. I hate the outdoors, LOL.
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Just trying to subscribe (again) - it didn't take the first time. :/ Today's not my day for technology...
Subscribing... I got so excited because my temps went up and when I dug in the trash for my HPT (I know, bad!) there was definitely two lines and not evaporation. But then I got AF. I guess there must still be some pg hormones left from the last one. Oh well!

Could I be moved to waiting to be ready. We won't be trying agina until late-Oct/early Nov due to a family trip to Disney World. I don't want m/s or a fear of a m/c (or worse, an actual m/c) while we are there. So I'll be here, because you couldn't get rid of me if you tried, but not actively...
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What a beautiful idea for father's day!

My relationship with my Dad has been so different these past few years. I'm so glad that we're getting to know each other again. He's funny and theatrical, intelligent and interesting. I love noticing our similarities, even though I'm adopted.

My dear wonderful husband, now that could take pages! I am so unbelievably excited to embark upon the journey of raising a child with him. He himself has a childlike quality that I lost so long ago. I never thought it was possible for one person to give/radiate so much love. The day we met, I knew he was it for me, that he and I would have a beautiful life together. I couldn't ever wish or hope for a better person to join me in bringing a new life into this world.

And now I've finally been prompted to get my act together and get some pictures of us online, so here we are, I hope this link works!
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Ugh, so sorry, Keri!
Here's to a happy and healthy nine starting in October.
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in many ways my dad taught me how to be a good parent, to be reasonable, responsible, firm, reliable

My husband is such an excellent father and husband. He aways listens to my kooky ideas and respects my opinion, he always supports my parenting decisions no matter how "wierd" of "hippie" they are, he loves his son and our family more than anything else on earth. and last but certainly not least he busts his butt for us-so i can stay home with ds...before we got married he hadn't held down a fulltime job ever...he's grown so much. I am so proud of him....i could go on and on but ds wants a story
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My dad gives unconditional love and taught that to me.
My dh is a great daddy. He was stay at home with our ds for the better part of the first year and knows how to love and play and is passing his amazing musical talents along to our boy. Oh, I just love him so much!

we're still waiting a few months to actively ttc after our recent loss....but in the meantime will continue to lurk here and keep that awesome positive energy flowing
Ok I am writing this when I really should be cleaning my messy house!

My dad is a wonderful, talkative, funny , very smart man whom I have always adored. I am certainly a daddys girl!!!

My DH is a wonderful father, he loves to play with the girls, sometimes he too is a little bit harder on them than I would like when it comes to discipline and we have many diagreements about our parenting but I still wouldn't trade him for the world and the girls wouldn't either

Went looking for a new BBT, and I have not had any luck finding one with the memory adn the light...any online stores i can check out??
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From my dad I got my work ethic. (which can be a little intense sometimes) He is a hard worker and very smart, and also goo with his hands. (He makes golf clubs in his spare time.)

DH - well, you all know him!
He will be a great dad.

Day four of Clomid....will be done soon. and then hopefully I will O and have more than one little eggie ready to go - in order to up my chances.

And then IUI....and then who knows.

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