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The One Thread: June 27th - July 3rd.....

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Good Morning Ladies!

Here's hoping for tons of BFP's this week - here's the
let's all roll in it....

If I miss you, please pm me!

Waiting to O

*Alexis (alexisyael)
*Amara (wawoof)
*Amber (forevermama)
*Amy (StoneFence)
*Amy (saturnine25)
*Anne (bamboogrrrl)
*Anne-Marie (starfairy)
*Brook (mamabee)
*Carrie (PaganScribe)
*Christina (becca's mama)
*Danielle (Dani76)
*Des (polka123)
*Elena (Mizelenius)
*Erika (MamanFrançaise)
*Erin (Happypants)
*Joi (angstmommy)
*Kara (k4kara)
*Laura (Justice2)
*L'Nayim (waiting4baby)
*Mandy (freethinker)
*Megan (amara's mom)
*Patti (Shakti)
*Renee (flowerbud)
*Sara (mamaharsh)
*Sarah (glitterbits)
*slightly crunchy
*Tara (tarablesue)
*Vicki (doulamomvicki)

Waiting to know

*Andrea (mommyofone)
*Christine (Sweetc a.k.a. xine)
*Denise (Mssisko)
*Happypants 7/7
*Heather (kyle98sean02)
*Jelaine (dabunnytoo)
*Jo (jocmtl)
*Kash (Patchfire)
*Katy (KatyBerisford)
*Korin (chiromama)
*KC (TchrGrrl)
*Kylie (luvmy3boyz)
*Lili (lilirose)
*Lydia (chemigogo)
*Maya (Muse)
*Marie (Marie-c)
*Molly (mimim)
*Sarah (mamtoady)
*Serina (somewhere to grow)
*Stephanie (dandylion)
*Tanya (Snow Cherries)
*Trisha (RaggedyAnn) 7/4

LLL - (limbo land ladies)

*Lisa (lisabc311)

LWNEH - (Ladies Who Need Extra Hugs, due to a recent m/c)

*Jesse (wan2bemama)
*Keri (coleslaw)
*Pamela (Scootermama1)

Waiting to be ready

*Amanda (mom2threenurslings)
*Anna (annakiss)
*Dina (Dinade)
*Jamie (djsgirl517)
*Jess (Shorin_Mama)
*Jessie (farmlilfe3)
*Jodi (squeakermansmom)
*Kathy (kathywiehl)
*Keri (coleslaw)
*Kristie (milkymommi)
*Laura (Justice2)
*Morgan (Max's Mami)
*Olivia (etoilech)
*Pamela (Scootermama1)
*Rose (Weetzie)
*Shaughn (maybemom05)


*Denise (mama2m&m)
*Heather (Parker'smommy)
*Heather (kyle98sean02)
*Jenn (firefly)
*Jenny (Ellie's Mom)
*Joy (wtchyhlr)
*Karen (rose angel)
*Kate (KateSt.)
*Kelly (Kelly1216)
*Kylie (luvmy3boyz)
*Pamela (fairymama)
*Serena (I Love My Boy)
*Serenity (Seren)
*Tanya (Teensy)
*Sarah (Wags1)
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Hi, everyone! I've been guys talk alot! hehe
I've been trying to keep up and am having a hard time doing so!
Here's my update:
I am cd5 and just took my first clomid pill today. I sure hope this works!
Wishing everyone lot or baby dust!
I hope to see many of us graduate with BFP's!
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CD21....think i'm still waiting to O....not sure.....

Good morning everyone! I'm thoroughly confused....i usually have 30-34 day cycles and as far as i can tell, i haven't even ovulated yet.
It's my first month charting, so now i'm questioning whether i'm just having a screwy cycle or if i haven't been ovulating all along (and just haven't known it b/c i hadn't been charting). i figure there are three explanations for my lack of O at this point in the cycle: 1) i will ovulate late and either have a longer than 34 day cycle with a normal LP or 2) i will ovulate at my normal time and now realize by charting that i have a short LP or 3) i won't ovulate at all this cycle which makes me wonder if I have been ovulating at all in past cycles. In any case, I don't like any of the explanations....they all signal a possible problem i think.

i've managed to work myself up so much about my possible 'subfertility' that we GIO last night and did not use any precautions even though we weren't planning on ttc until september. I AM SO NEUROTIC!!!
my dh thinks i'm nuts.....i tend to agree with him.

question for all of common is it to have very regular cycles and regularly not ovulate? i always assumed i was ovulating since i was having regular cycles.

i will try to post my to FF to figure out how.
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Jodi--Thanks for keeping the thread this week! I wish I had some answers or ideas about your chart. Hopefully you can get your homepage figured out. It took me forever! I think the fact that your cycles have been regular is a great sign though!

Welcome Christina! I hope the Clomid does the trick for you this month. :-D

Welllll, I need some help, gals. FF gave me a dotted coverline today, and it doesn't feel right at all. My CP doesn't match up at all, and neither does my CF really. Since I have this progesterone cream to use from O onward, I don't know what to do. Start using it in case...or wait because it could screw up my actual O if it hasn't happened yet...What to do...My temp. jump yesterday was pretty big, but I went to bed late, and temped an hour later than usual. Still after about four hours of sleep though. Should I discard it? Ambiguity, my least favorite thing.

Here's hoping for lots and lots of BFP's this week!
Jodi...I think it would be very unusual to have regular periods but no o...however, your lp's may be shorter than the "typical" 14 days without being deficient. I think ob's only worry when lp's are consistently under 10-11 days. I've been taking vitex to balance my cycle. So far it seems to be working, but I'm waiting to see how this cycle pans out.

My temp is not rising much (97.2, 97.6, 97.6) but cp and cm indicate o is behind me. And if those were not ovulation pains for three hours on cd14 then what the heck was it? Never got ewcm though in spite of the 3 carrots a day since cd8 or so, that's disapointing.

Does a slow temp rise indicate a problem?

Happy sunday all!
I was thinking that I don't have much to add to this thread except that I'm getting the hang of charting and learning the ins and outs of my cycles and what not and then I remembered that I do have something to add...
For those of you who might be looking for a way to spice up the GIO'ing (or your dh's interest in GIO'ing), try a Brazilian Bikini wax.
I'm speaking from experience here.
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Welcome Christina!

Jodi - I think it's relatively rare for anovulatory cycles to be so regular. You could still O this cycle, or could be having a delayed cycle. Any stress lately? I always thought that was just the most ridiculous notion until I had delayed O in February (we were trying to buy a house) and again in April, when we moved.

Sarah - I'd be tempted to wait & see what temp you get tomorrow, and then decide whether to discard. I know, I know, it means you have to wait, but... *shrug* I used the 'temp corrector' thing on FF yesterday because I accidentally took my temp two hours early (I know, how does one do that by accident, right? Well, trust me, I did), and I sort of wish I'd just discarded the temp, because it doesn't 'fit' my chart, especially today. But then I'd have so many discards.
Also, try adjusting your preferences to FAM vs. Advanced, and see what you get? *shrug*

Marie - I think some people just have a slow temp rise, IIRC. I don't think it's common per se, but it's not rare, either, or anything to worry about.

I was thinking I O'd yesterday evening but my temp didn't spike this morning, so I'm not sure. EWCM is definitely starting to go away - well, that was interesting. I don't always get any O pain, but I'm sitting here talking about O'ing and my left side gives a twinge. :/ Psychosomatic? Or the real thing? Who knows.

Let's see some BFPs this week!
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talk about obsessing!!! I'm not even quite sure I o'd but I'm wondering if I'm having early symptoms! well, it's my sister's fault. She claims she knew within two days on each of her five pregnancies (she had one early m/c, and two ectopic, but I have two beautiful nephews!)....

so here's the "symptom"...I have some soreness/heat in my lower abdomen, especially the left side. Two days ago I had some sharp pain and cramping especially on the left, which I took for ovulation (followed by a .4 temp rise yesterday...). This is similar but less intense and less focalised, more radiating. Does that ring a bell for anyone?
I'm wondering if it's just due to energy moving after an acupuncture treatment on thursday....
I'll be grateful for any responses, thanks!!!

I think I must be crazy but I swear I feel like I am pregnant there can be no way, that I could have these symptoms this early.

I have been so tired lately. Yesterday I had a few cramps that lasted a couple of minutes....can you feel implantation?

Here is hoping for a TON of BFP's this week!

's to ladies that need them.
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Subscribing...getting closer to being ready to try!
Well I'm justy hanging out...

I am creating a local parenting site for my province... it's a resource/play group/message board type. It's my second shot at this (a parenting message board) but maybe this one will stay a little smaller and I won't get so overwhelmed by the repsonsibility and WORK involved in maintaining a popular message board. Heck, I'll do anything to not have to work outside the home. I told DH he needs to go back to school and get a better job because all I want to do is stay home and have babies. LOL

Lots and lots of BFPs this week ladies!!!
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Just subscribing to the 'one thread' for the first time.

I'm currently waiting to find out if I am finally PG.
Just adding myself in
I'm waiting for AF to start, should be any day, then we will be officially starting! My baby boy will be 1 in 2 weeks, and is pretty much exclusively BF...should make for some interesting trying LOL
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thanks for the replies....i guess we'll what happens with my temp tom. anyone know how to post my chart without putting it in my sig line? do i just have to cut and paste the url?

Pumpkin - Is this your first time here? tell us a little about yourself...

erika - i know what you mean about wanting to quit and just stay home and have babies.
i tell dh that all the time!
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Jodi, if you hit "post reply" rather than using the "quick reply" box at the bottom of the page, then above the box that you type in will be several symbols - one is a globe with what looks like (to me!) an infinity symbol at the bottom. Click on that, and it'll show you the process for putting in a link in the body of your message.

Welcome Pumpkin and Forevermama!

I was going to go to Pride today but it's raining and we woke up late. :/ Bother.
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Welcome Amber

Since there seem to be some new faces around here today (or maybe just new to me) - why don't we re-introduce ourselves? i'll go first....

I'm Jodi, wife to Steven - we've been married 5 years. We have one ds - Joseph, he turned two in March. We live in sunny Florida.
I work 3 days a week in an ob/gyn clinic - although i wish it were more like 1 day a week!
We plan to ttc probably around September (although if you read my earlier posts it may be sooner...

Love hanging out here with all of you. Let's hope we all graduate soon!
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OK Ladies,
I'm gonna try to keep up with this thread this week!
It moves so fast that I haven't popped in for a while.

Anyway, I'm nursing my 26 month old DS and have been having super long cycles, but LPs on the short and spotty side.
I'm taking a whole cocktail of herbs to try to help - vitex, EPO, red clover, nettles.

Both my boys are April babies, so I'm hoping that's a good omen for this cycle! Please keep your
: for me! I so so want this to be the month!
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thanks patchfire!

here's my chart, not much to see yet though.....

My chart

Originally Posted by mimim
Anyway, I'm nursing my 26 month old DS and have been having super long cycles, but LPs on the short and spotty side.
I'm taking a whole cocktail of herbs to try to help - vitex, EPO, red clover, nettles.
What are red clover and nettles supposed to help with?
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Thanks you guys

Ok, about me and mine...I'm Amber (26) wife to Michael (30), together for 12 yrs, married for 4. Crunchier than I like to admit mama to The two boys in my siggy
We tried 10 months each for both of the boys, and am prepared for it to be the same this time around, although anything sooner would be fabulous
I'm exclusively nursing Louie, day and night, so I imagine it will play havok on my cycles. I haven't started really keeping track of them yet, but will as soon as AF rears her ugly head. My last TTC journey, I was also exclusively BF, and it was filled with long cycles, delayed O, and short LP. When I eventually did get preggo, it was supported with progestrone the 1st trimester, as mine was too low. Thinking maybe this time, I will take something to help with that before hand. We shall see!

Anyway~ I'm looking forward to hanging with you guys
to everyone!
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