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Welcome to the one thread, all! Sorry to be late in setting it up - I forgot this was my week!

Please PM me if you need changes! - Kate

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As AF makes her departure, she is leaving behind nasty black spotting stuff. allergies are going haywire, I can hardly breathe.

Oh on a pos note, my DD peed in the potty TWICE today. My strategy, I take her to the bathroom when I go, I put her on her potty chair while I go pee. It's clicking in it is it is..

Hope to see some BFP's this week!

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Thanks for starting it up!

I'm cd 4 of the lightest AF ever. Nothing to complain about, not feeling particularly grouchy today. Should be making minestrone for some company, but I'm still waking up. I was up past 3 last night! Total insomnia, I knew I was in trouble when I started pulling everything out of the pantry at 11:45.

I was looking into starting vitex and found some info that you should avoid it if you have depression w/ it may signal an excess of progesterone which will be elevated by the vitex. If you have depression w/ pms, red raspberry & b6 are recommended in place of vitex. I fall into that category. I decided I wanted to do more about TTC, I'm in my 8th cycle of trying & 4th w/ charting, acupuncture, green tea. I don't know. I also think this is the month that Dr. Ying will be incorporating herbs into my treatment. One thing about my acupuncture, I am going to make sure I understand what she says before I leave her office so I don't have to hang on her words & any hidden meanings. I'm always feeling so dreamy when I leave there & feel okay about whatever happens. But then the 2 ww really settles in & I'm trying to "crack the code".
Okay, sorry if I'm talking so much about myself! Can't wait til tomorrow, when everyone usually checks in & gives an update!
Blessings, everyone! Kelly

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Beemama, Your post about is really interesting. I definitely fall in the depression/pms category. My 2 NDs know about the depression/pms and still said do the vitex.

My doc, who is a very good communicator, tries to explain the chinese herbs, accupuncture, and the supplements and I still barely understand. Traditional Chinese Medicine works on such a totally different paradigm than regular medicine. I've sort of given up trying to understand and focusing on trusting my doc. I've been working with him for 2 years so its only kind of hard to do.

I'm starting two week wait. I think I o'd today at CD13.

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hope everyone had a great weekend.
i am cd 20 and i think i o'd cd 18 will know tommorrow if my temp continues to rise
i just hope that we
: this month, i am going to bd again tonight and every other day(if we can manage that many) until sure that have o'd as all my signs never correlate. I never had a + opk, and to top it off i am not a ferner lol, i just realised that i only produce loads more crystals on saliva microscope instead of ferns which is so hard to pinpoint, as been waiting for 2 months for ferns. (we have to get a delusional smiley!)

looking forward to everyones updates too

p.s hollysmom did we hear back from everyone r.e the spring clean. I think i had only one more person to reply and i checked and shes been offline since feb (hypnochris)

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Thanks for starting the thread, Elowyn! Everything looks great!

beemama~ Wonder why Af is so light for you this cycle? Maybe the acupuncture is effecting you differently? Hmm...that bit about vitex and depression is interesting. A few days ago, I just so happened upon a local radio show on our progressive public radio station, KPFA called "Herbal Highways." I literally turned on the radio in the car, and the host was like, "Now, let's talk about vitex." I had been thinking about starting it if this cycle results in a bfn, so it was complete serendipity. I love that. Anyway, they mentioned some fascinating things about it, including dosage, etc and they did not mention anything about vitex and depression. They talked about combining vitex with orange peel, because they have a really good synergy together. I found the program online here in case you want to listen: ( Click on "Show Archives," and then select the June 2nd program) I clicked on it and it downloaded into my itunes program. The part about vitex comes at 20:45 minutes into the program. The program is so informative, and they talk about other herbal tonics for women's reproductive health as well.

Ursula Rose~
: for you this cycle.

scubamom~ Hope this is your cycle, too.

Well, I thought I O'd two days ago, but my temperature was low today and I had a lot of ewcm yesterday, so we're still on the bd train. Dh is so cute-- we've been bding every day for the past week
(I have fertile cm for a long time). Today after I took my temp and it was low, I told him that we couldn't take a break yet. He replied, sleepily, "Can't we wait to bd tonight? I don't like bding in the morning." The funny part was that he actually said "bd," as he knows that's how we refer to it on this thread. :LOL Anyway, long story short, I'm cd23 (yikes) and still waiting to O. We're off to Big Sur for a few days tomorrow, so I won't be around, but I hope I'll be able to report O when I get back, and to see our first June bfp(s)!

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Elowyn-the thread looks extra nice this week! Thanks!

Well I am at the beginning of the 2ww and hoping it will speed by! Thanks to everyone for sharing the different things you are doing to help the ttc process. I have been trying for about a year now (although the first few months were right after the return of af while dd still nursed a lot)....but it has been awhile and I am thinking I should probably be open to doing more to encourage things along.

(scubamom-from the spring cleaning list I heard back from all but 4.)

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Elowyn - what a beautiful thread format - thank you!

i've got to go get my kiddo to bed after a wonderful and lunatic weekend, but i'm "waiting to know" right now ... and i hate waiting ... sigh.

i'll be back in the morning to check in and say "hi." good night all. sweet dreams.

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: that the little bit of pink is signs of what is to come soon!

Surfmama: Here's hoping for a speedy 2ww that ends with a BFP!!!

Meggles: Hope you had a good weekend. I hate it when o is not super clear. It makes me
That is super funny that your dh called it "bd" :LOL


Ursula Rose: Your doc sounds fabulous! The communication part is so important!

Beemama: Hope you can get some
and that the insomnia is gone!

Pandora114: Yeah for potty! We are starting that as well!

Ellowyn: Great thread! Thank you thank you!!!

Well I am at 13 dpo with sore boobs, and yesterday after dinner got a little queasy. I started off this 2ww completly discouraged but now that I am here I of course feel full of hope. I am surprisingly calm and not even that eager to test tommorow ( I have not tested yet). I think it is just because I really don't want to have to face just one little pink line staring back at me. Well hopefully I can have some good news to post about tommorow!

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Only have a sec... we still have company
Here's just one site that mentioned the vitex/pms depression link. I don't know where they got their info. I'm taking b6 & red raspberry for now. I also read that w/ a progesterone deficiency (which causes lp defect) you're more likely to have sore nipples w/ pms.... and I can never even feel mine! I guess w/ the research I've done I'm assuming I have excess progesterone after O.
Meggles, pretty cool.... did you feel like you manifested that radio show or what! that's such a cute story about dh & bd'ing! It's funny how often the lingo makes it into our conversations here, too.
Willowsmom, I really hope it's almost here! I loved what you said about AF, and it being part of being the goddesses we are, because you take things like that for granted & it's so good to be reminded. Blessings to you, mama!
: for you tomorrow honeybee'smama & celesterra!
I've really gotta zoom! Adios!

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Honeybee'mama...that sounds promising!!! Never thought I'd be glad that someone has sore boobs tho!!

Good luck to all the othere mama's to be!

I am pretty new at paying attention to all this (I should be ashamed of that cuz I'm a nurse!)...but my mucous is thick and lots of it. That means put the toddler to bed early and get out the candles and massage oil, right??


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Originally Posted by beemama
I also read that w/ a progesterone deficiency (which causes lp defect) you're more likely to have sore nipples w/ pms.... and I can never even feel mine!
Hmm I find this interesting because I never had sore nipples until I started taking the progesterone supplements, and I know that I am going to bleed when at about 10 dpo the soreness goes away as my progesterone levels drop.

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Quick good morning to say

cd 5, but I haven't been temping so far because dd has an ongoing cough that seems to wake her up about 4 or 5am. I am pretty much finished af so I have to start temping tomorrow. I tend to O fairly early day 11 - 13 so I won't get a clear pattern if I don't get on it. Anyway, enough about me. Have to work so no real time for personals. Honeybee'smama
: for a bfp this morning!

Oh and I think I have heard back from most people on the spring cleaning. I will check my PMs this morning and let Elowyn know if there are any changes.

BTW Elowyn the thread looks amazing! Very creative use of fonts, smilies etc

Have a great day everyone!

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Checked my spring cleaning list. I have not heard back from 4 people. 2 have been on-line recently so I hope to hear from them soon.

2 have not been on-line for quite a while (one not since Feb) so I am wondering if we should remove them from the list and then if they come back we can add them back on. Does that sound okay to everyone???

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HI all! I missed you all over the weekend!

I only have time right now to tell you that I did not test this morning. We got in late last night and I didn't buy a test.

If you look at my chart(ttc#1 in my sig), you'll see that what is going to happen is easy to predict... i'm ok about it, though...

I will catch up on all the posts and get back you in more detail later.

to all
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