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Add or see charts here
PM me with any updates or to report errors!

Waiting to O

*Alexis (alexisyael)
*Amara (wawoof)
*Amy (StoneFence)
*Amy (saturnine25)
*Anne-Marie (starfairy)
*Brook (mamabee)
*Christina (becca's mama)
*Danielle (Dani76)
*Erika (MamanFrançaise)
*Erin (Happypants)
*Heather (kyle98sean02)
*Kara (k4kara)
*Laura (Justice2)
*L'Nayim (waiting4baby)
*Mandy (freethinker)
*Marie (Marie-c)
*Maya (muse)
*Patti (Shakti)
*Sarah (glitterbits)
*Sara (mamaharsh)
*Trisha (RaggedyAnn)
*Vicki (doulamomvicki)

Waiting to know
(Date is what day Af *would* be due. PM me if you want yours added.)
*Anne (bamboogrrrl)
*Christine (Sweetc a.k.a. xine)
*Denise (Mssisko)
*Des (polka123)
*Elena (Mizelenius) 6/26
*heveasoul 6/16
*Jelaine (dabunnytoo)
*Joi (angstmommy)
*KC (TchrGrrl)
*Korin (chiromama)
*Kylie (luvmy3boyz)
*Lili (lilirose)
*Lydia (chemigogo)
*Megan (amara's mom) 6/13
*Molly (mimim)
*Sarah (mamtoady) 6/5
*Serena (I Love My Boy) 6/25
*slightly crunchy
*Stephanie (dandylion)
*Tanya (Snow Cherries)
*Tara (tarablesue)
*Zig (6/1)

LLL (limbo land ladies)

*Kate (KateSt.)
*Lisa (lisabc311)

LWNEH (Ladies Who Need Extra Hugs, due to a recent m/c)

*Jesse (wan2bemama)
*Keri (coleslaw)
*Pamela (Scootermama1)

Waiting to be ready

*Anna (annakiss)
*Jamie (djsgirl517)
*Jodi (squeakermansmom)
*Kathy (kathywiehl)
*Keri (coleslaw)
*Kristie (milkymommi)
*Laura (Justice2)
*Pamela (Scootermama1)
*Rose (Weetzie)
*Shaughn (maybemom05)
*Tanya (Teensy)


*Mary (Bunches)
*Laura (sweetpeasmom)
*Julie (tofumama)
*Shannon (shannon0218)
*Tracie (peacefulvegan)
*Lesley (lesleyluu)
*Kitty (HelloKitty)


*Heather (Parker'smommy)
*Jenn (firefly)
*Jenny (Ellie's Mom)
*Karen (rose angel)
*Pamela (fairymama)
*Kelly (Kelly1216)
*Denise (mama2m&m)
*Joy (wtchyhlr)

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Thanks for looking after the thread this week, Elena!

: <--- what's this guy for? New smilies....!

Just popping in. I have 55 minutes to clean up, both myself and the house, before company arrives....grumble grumble grumble....

Anyway, hoping my bitchiness is a good sign...


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Thanks Elena!
Heve - (What is the meaning of your username, if i may aske
?). I am also choosing to interpret my bitchiness as pgcy right now, particularly as it is at such a weird time of the month for me
. Other 'pregnancy' symptoms include: ocasional nausea, that disgusting taste in the mouth, presence of creamy/lotiony cf(EWCF left the building, yay!), and the growth of a hair on my chin - i have only gotten that one other time, when pg with dd. Pleaaassse God may this be it!

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chemigogo, that's wierd, when i was pg with Ds i got wierd hairs popping out of the back of my neck; never mentioned that to anyone before! and now i have very dry skin on my chin which is totally wierd.

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Originally Posted by heveasoul
: <--- what's this guy for? New smilies....!

I don't know but I don't like it. It just makes me think of the Iraqi's with hoods over their heads.
Is that just me?

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Subscribing...(did they take away my popcorn smilie!?!)

Congrats Firefly!

Elena -- thanks for keeping up the list. I think I should be moved to LLL though -- that's exactly what I feel like. Thanks!

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Congratulations Firefly!


I'm still waiting to ttc, but i'm very excited....i bought a clear plan fertility monitor off of ebay two days ago. now i'm just hoping it gets here soon so i can start it with this cycle. what's the latest i can start it? day 5?

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Morning sickness begun today, either that or I have a sudden allergy to toothpaste, took me three times to get my teeth brushed this morning.
Went to the fertility clinic and my beta is now 253, so it is on a slightly more than doubling every other day schedule which is great. They are doing an U/S a week monday if you can believe it!!

Dani, sorry,

Heve, good luck with the unwanted company!
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