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The prettiest soaker EVER!

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Look at this
That last pic is a fight over the bike! :LOL
Pam amazes me. Isn't it the most beautiful thing EVER??
I am so in love
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Shelly that looks great!!! Yes Pam does incredible work. I am still shoving Becca into her WW even though it does not really fit anymore.
So pretty! I can't wait to get my first pair of soaker shorts.
oh wow, that soaker is perfect for Josh! I'm tearing up over it... Enjoy!
Oh wow!! So, you're one of the chosen few with a Pam soaker? That is just gorgeous!!!
HOLY COW! That is the worlds prettiest soaker! That just COOL!
Wow that Is a great soaker!!
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I love that soaker. Apart from the colors etc, it just looks like perfect construction. Lucky, lucky baby.
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Michelle got me all weepy. It is perfect. One of those cherished things I will forever remember, it is so perfect. I couldn't have designed a better soaker.
Yes, it is the most beautiful soaker I've ever seen! So, please tell, who made it? Who's Pam?
What a great soaker!!! From Pam, you can't expect less than gorgeous.

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I am always amazed at the creativity and skill of our WAHMs!
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That is beautiful. I can say that if I didn't know who that soaker belonged to you would have been my first guess.
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Oh that is just beautiful~I love everything about it!
Great Job PAM~
Pam's cool site still in the making. It is going to be so much fun.
Gorgeous work Pam! and Shelly, Josh looks delectable =)
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