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The Robeez Post - ISO post it here - Have some to trade/sell/give away post it here!

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Okay so we just got a new pair of Robeez that I bought big 12-18 months. Daughter is a PETITE 9 month old and they are just .....well the look like flippers on her. Winter is coming and we can't afford another pair - and thus this post!!!

Sooooo I am looking for gently used pair of 6-12 month Robeez suitable for a girl. Would love to pay just for shipping but I am willing to consider a nominal amount of cash-ola that I don't have!!!!

You can PM here at MDC or send email to [email protected] THANKS!!!!
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ISO a pair of 6-12 month girly robeez. I have funded pay pal or can trade for a medium apron string diaper in good condition.

PM me please!

ISO little boys 0-6 robeez gently used. Let me know if we can trade or I can paypal.
thanks - found them on Ebay!
I have a pair of dinosaur ones- blue w/ red dino size 12-18 months- VEC-would like $18ppd
I need 12-18 GN or boy Robeez...I will pay. Or trade from my long FS list (just ask me for it)

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I have a pair of gently used 6-12 month girly purple butterflys robeez fsot. VGC--just the thinnest line of scuffing on the tip toes which you can hardly see. 12$

And I have the exact same thing (purple butterflies)in a 12-18 month size, except never worn/new. 16$
I have some gently used black party bows in size 6-12 months. The shoes themselves are in excellent condition, but since she was crawling at the time, the bows are a bit raggedy. I would like $8 shipped. (you'll have to scroll down a little)
ISO gender neutral or boy size 2-3 years and gender neutral or girls size 12-18 months.
These aren't Robeez, but they're similar only better! They're called Padders and they're a locally made indoor/outdoor mocasin style slipper with suede bottoms, a furry lamb's wool inner, and a chunky wool knit high top body. I have one pair in blues and purples and one pair in pink and sea green. Both are a medium, which is roughly a roomy size 4. These sell for 27$ a pair new, but since these are gently used I'd sell them for 10 each or both for 18. Paypal would be great!

Just so you all know, these are a locally mail product and are NOT the widely known 'Padders' which I here tell aren't nearly as nice as Robeez!
Originally posted by mmacdo10
ISO little boys 0-6 robeez gently used. Let me know if we can trade or I can paypal.
I've got pr of 0-6 mo navy blue w/ the sports applique on them. In GC... lmk if you're interested!
I have 2 pairs of very used shoes. one is Robeez, I think the other pair is bobux or shoo b doos, I cant remember right now. They are 6-12 month size, both girls, like I said very used, BUT NO holes in them, just wear. I will give them away for cost of shipping.

I am moving today tho, and will be offline for a few days so give me a bit to get back to you.
Wildflower do you have a pick of the shoes you described? Thanks!
never mind - I just bought some shoes on eBay :LOL
I have a pair of pale blue Robeez w/ the puppy dogs on them--(white dog face-black floppy ears)
SIZE 6-12 month-

Nate has outgrown them--just about-- and I bought him a pair of 12-18m already............these are a little scuffed at toes--he was big crawler------$13...postage paid........sound good? I paid $24 new just few months ago
Sorry no pic--(ISP cheap digital camera!). Anyone can just make me an offer....
I've got two NIP Robeez, 6-12 months. Actually, one of them was tried on for a minute or two but they are both in new condition. When we got them they *just* fit, so I decided to go with the next size up.

$18 each ($32 both) ppd to US:

One is white with yellow ducks, gender neutral (new design this year I think) SOLD

The other is navy with brown bears and red trim, also gender neutral.

I can accept non-cc Paypal, personal check, MO. Will trade for 12-18 months Robeez or 18 months and beyond, I prefer the dark solid color designs.

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Purrrrrfect - we have a duck them in this house. In fact we call our daughter bot bot which means duck in arabic!

You can email me at [email protected] I am sending you a pm now. I can paypal you.

I have all of the following for sale.

I got these for Adriana, and they are just too big. I need the money more than I need to store them for months on end. And the fact that she is just now in a size 2 shoe, barely 6-12,th in Robeez.
makes me think she is going to be a long while before she can use these.

All are NEW, UNUSED, still in package.

All are 18.50ppd, shipping First Class. (If you buy 2 or more, price goes to 18.00ppd)
Insurance is optional.

12-18Mth Strawberry
12-18Mth Black Party Bow
18-24Mth Ladybug
18-24Mth White Party Bow
18-24Mth Black Sweethearts
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I have an adorable pair of 18-24m turquoise/green fishies for sale. They match a ton of Ds' outfits, but they only just started to fit now as he's growing out of the outfits and for some reason Ds says: "no fishies! no fishies!" Toddlers!

Anyway, they've been worn once, maybe twice tops, so there is a bit of wear on the bottoms (not worn smooth, just like grey from walking in).

$15 ppd or trade for like condition Creme Puppies or Red Monkey
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