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okay, so DD has always just gotten what she needs and been done. She's never nursed for long periods of time. I even remember when she was 3 weeks old and her cousin was 6 weeks old and my SIL and I started nursing at the same time and me being done like half an hour earlier.

So, now she is 18 months old and only breastfeeds maybe 2-3 times a day (including once at night occasionally-- which would make it 3 a day). Right now she'll nurse on one side for SERIOUSLY less than 30 seconds (I should count- I bet it's like 15 seconds) and then want the other side for maybe even less time and then back to the first (MAYBE) for a couple sucks and then she's done. OKAY... is she actually even getting any milk in that time??? I haven't seen milk for months so I had been starting to wonder if I even had any, but squeezed my nipple today and saw some. Also... she definitely REALLY wants milk- she tells me she wants it and FREAKS out if I don't respond. But, is it really comforting to nurse for such a short time? Is it just like a "making sure it's still there/available" thing? It seems to me in reading and hearing and seeing others nursing toddlers that they nurse a lot longer or are more comforted by it. Mine has NEVER EVER (MAYBE when she was a newborn...) nursed to sleep and it just doesn't seem to comfort her at all, and yet she is still asking for it and wanting it.

THOUGHTS? Not looking to wean... just confused by her habits I guess.
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