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OK, so when I started preparing to CD my new baby I bought training pants for my DS to wear overnite. They are cheapo Gerbers and so they don't leak I have to stuff them w/ microfiber towels. After a month of using these they REEK
. I tried washing w/ less detergent, more detergent, 1 hour soak w/ baking soda and detergent and rinsing w/ vinegar. Nothing worked!!! I was getting desterate, and contemplating buying some sposie trainers for overnite. I didn't want to though. Finally in my desperation I did a 14 hour soak starting w/ hot water, 2/3 cap of All F&C and 1/2 cup baking soda. Then I let the wash go through and NO SMELL
. Thank goodness! I was getting ready to TOSS those trainers in the TRASH!
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