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the transition to cloth ?????

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Hi there - I have a few questions for mdc mums who use cloth... (I find it all a bit confusing, but I am learning).

We are in the process of switching over to using cloth diapers. So far I have switched wipes - we are no longer using disposable wipes - it is a start. I have ordered 24 infant cfps and 12 premium cfps. I have 4 motherease all-in-ones and 4 motherease small covers. I have read that sandy's are good for nighttime - how many should I order? Also how many more covers should I order? I have 4 week old baby girl who is already 11 lbs ... I also have a 2 year old - he is in the process of being toilet trained - do you think I should order some cloth diapers for him - is it worth it. He is 35 lbs and quite tall...

Thank you so much for any input.

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I think 4 covers is plenty. Personally I am not a fan of Motherease diapers so I can't give you any advice there. But, it would probably be worth it to get a few diapers to try out on your almost-potty-trained son because even if he only wears them for a few months, your daughter can wear them when she is his age. As long as they are gender neutral, of course.
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Originally posted by Emma
[ I have read that sandy's are good for nighttime - how many should I order? Also how many more covers should I order? I have 4 week old baby girl who is already 11 lbs ...
Couple of things. If you are planning to use Sandy's only at night just figure out how many days between wash days and get that plus one. UNLESS your baby is still in the poop every time she eats mode and she is still eating at night. Then you may want to double the amt between washdays (plus one LOL)

The average washer will only take about 24 diapers...figure 10-12 diapers for a newborn each day...that means you are washing about every 2 - 2 1/2 days. I would say get about 6 to be safe and also to cover yourself for the future when SOME babies require fewer changes because they are sleeping longer at night...thus stretching out the # of days between washing...but it depends on your finances.

Covers: newborns tend to poop onto the covers when they are still exclusively bf if you are using prefolds (luckily the cover stops poop from getting onto their clothes with is more than I can say about disposies). This isn't a HUGE problem but it does mean that you could possibly need more covers. What determines that is often is your baby pooping. My DS never went through that poop less than once a day deal (what a jip!) so I had about 10 covers in size small and medium (he was 14 pounds by 3 weeks so we were in mediums at that point). Your covers don't have to be fancy to work well. I used Bummis and Proraps for most of DS' early babyhood and they worked great. I wouldn't recommend pull up pants for this stage because even a snappied prefold will often leak poop onto the cover...and ick who wants to pull a poopy cover down over babies legs.

Anyway, DS just woke up so I have to run. Good luck!

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Hi again

Why don't you like Motherease? I appreciate all info as I am just learning about the dipes. A friend suggested Sandy's as she had heard they were good for heavy wetters... I think I will order some cloth diapers for my son - as you said, I will have them for Aislinn when she later needs them.

My newborn poos basically everytime she feeds. So should I order more than 6 nighttime dipes, also will I need more than 10 covers?

Thanks again,

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Well, I have not tried the Sandy's - we had some One Sizes and I found them to be not very absorbent. Also the legs always gapped open so he always had to wear a cover over it. I like the diaper to contain poop and leaks better than that because A. he goes coverless a lot and B. when he is wearing a cover, I want to keep it clean as long as I can so I don't have to wash it.

However, this is JMO - lots of other mamas have used MEs and they worked for them just fine. Have you checked the review section? It might help you decide (but it might not! lol).
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THanks famousmocknbird ... I will check out the review section

Hi Emma,
FWIW, my youngest two were/are about the same age when we converted.

MY DD is 13 weeks now. Looks like you have plenty of cpf's but you may want to invest in some fuzzibunz w/hemp inserts for nighttime for dd or my favorites are the small firefly sleep tight hemp diapers - they are expensive at $25 each but we get by w/just two. I also use an Aristocrat wool soaker (@$17) over the diaper for night.

DS turned 2 in July. For him, I really like the Motherease Sandy's and the airflow covers for daytime. I have about 9 for him in rotation and then some toddler cpf's for backups. IMO, the motherease do not work well on the little ones b/c most of them are super soakers. My dd would nurse all day if I let her

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Thanks campingmama... thank you for your thoughts... My dd (4 weeks) is definately a total nursling - I will check out the diapers you suggested. Did you make the transition to cloth with your son just recently? If so, what did he think of the diapers? I have a few motherease all-in-ones that I bought 2 years ago. We tried to use them for ds when he was small and they always leaked... (we only tried for a couple of days...) Do you think the sandy's are better?


Hello again

DS just started wearing cloth right when he turned 2 (end of July). He's pretty easy going so it was no big deal. From what I read about ME's (both one size & sandys), you really need to break them in. The more hot washes/dry cycles - the more absorbant they get. I had originally got the sample set from ME for little dd here but she peed right through and the dipe hadn't really been washed enough.

For my big guy here, the sandy's are working well. I change him on average every 2 1/2 hrs (unless he stinks
) Sometimes, I through in a hemp "Salamander Soaker" ( in w/his Sandy for extra absorbancy - nap time, long car rides,etc.

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