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The View is going to talk BFing today.

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I think that the lovely ladies on the View are going to try to dig themselves out of the hole they've found themselves in today. They mentioned it yesterday but since both Star and Barbara were off they were going to wait to discuss it till today.
Just wanted to let anyone who is interested know!
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On Monday, a bunch of lactivist staged a nurse in, in protest of The Views negative comments about breastfeeding. It was reported in the paper yesterday and they did mention it on The View briefly but said they werew going to wait until today to properly discuss it. My guess is that they are going to be doing a lot of fancy footwork to try to smooth over the terrible things they said.
They called for applause because Elisabeth Hasselbeck had weaned her 10 week old baby.

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Did she wean the baby completely or start supplementing? All I heard was "they celebrated the baby's first bottle of formula."
I don't think she weaned her baby completely. I was watching that day. Joy said something like, "I have exciting news, Grace is now on formula!" and Elisabeth replied, "Just a bottle at night." or something like that. It was just obvious that Joy was thrilled that the baby wasn't going to nurse as much and thought that everyone else should be as happy.
It was really weird, IMO.
Did they talk about it?

I want to see it!!!!!1
I heard about all this a little late (yesterday evening), but I would LOVE to see a copy of that conversation on The View. Is it available anywhere on line or anything?
they didn't talk about it at all!!! grrrrr
Laura - I think I know u from a diff board. FF!!!
Back when I had time to watch TV, I rarely bothered to watch The View- I think it runs the gamut from boring to offensive. Remember when they were all cackling when the bombing started in Afghanistan? I hold no stock in what the morons are saying, but unfortunately these shows have sway in public opinion!
There are several threads about the View and Barbara Walters over at Breastfeeding Support and Advocacy.
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I thought Joy was pro-bf? I always knew I hated that show for a reason
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So they didn't address the issue today after they said they would, yesterday?
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man- I watched the show today waiting to hear what they had to say....what a waste of time...
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Still no discussion on breastfeeding on the View today as they promised - maybe they feel they talked about it enough on Tuesday when they announced they were going to discuss it more in detail on the next show (Wednesday - when Barbara and Star would be there) because Barbara called in to Tuesday's show to try to explain and cover her ass... They all talked about how they were supportive of breastfeeding (except Star who wasn't there) - it was just breastfeeding in public that was the issue...
I wonder why the change and why they have completely avoided the subject now - even on todays show - they mentioned breastfeeding when talking about periods - but no "we were going to continue our discussion on breastfeding yesterday..."
The one funny thing was that Meredith said she nursed her kids until they weaned themselves and she loved it so much she would breastfeed a monkey...
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they are so pro women's rights except when it comes to the right for a woman to feed her child.

I thought Joy was pro bf too
so I guess they are going to dodge the issue indefinately...
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