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The weirdest sensation

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I haven't really felt this baby move a ton yet, but I've felt a few flutters and bumps. Well tonight I started feeling the weirdest sensation. I'm pretty certain that the baby is moving against my c-section scar. I can't even describe how it feels. Not bad or painful, just weird and tingly, almost pleasant. Strange LOL. I'm mostly just excited that I'm feeling the baby more tonight that I ever have
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Hmmm can't say that I *KNOW* first hand what you mean, since I haven't had a csec, but I can say that at this point in our pregnancies, baby is only 10" long or so and isn't big enough to be felt a whole lot. now give it a few more weeks, and you'll have feet up in your ribs!!
I always feel fluttering first thing in the morning....
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