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the where to find CHEAP BULK GF grains thread (and their shelf life)

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I really want to get big buckets of the GF grains and flours---I'm stressed in that Azure standard (azure farm atleast) give me the run around and makes me think none of them are SAFE for celiac. how strict do I need to be?

IE- I want:
BUCKWHEAT groats, Millet, Quinoa (are there x-con probs with those two or can I get them anywhere?), Amaranth, potato flour, oat groats, corn

Which of those are cheaper to make myself and which are hard and worth buying as flour? (I assume potato flours and rice flour too)

sprouting seeds, chia seeds, Flax seed, hempseed- all nuts (pumpkin, almond, walnut,
do I need to worry about the "same facility" thing w/nuts?

a couple other things I'm not sure if I need to worry about at all are:

raisins, bulk spices, shredded coconut, cocoa (bulk), dates (obviously the chopped w/ ota flour-could i just rinse them though?), molasses, maple syrup? need to check on these things?

I think I want to get some of this for backup and traveling as well..anyone tried it? the ULTIMATE MEAL
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Also what are shelf lifes?

if i buy a 25lb bucket of Rice flour (lundberg from azure)--is it going to go bad before i get through it? what if I buy an extra for food storage? or is it a better idea to just buy the rice (obviously more stable) and learn to make flour (can't imagine how - you'd have to wash first right?)--

what CAN I buy that will last 5-10yr? (prob nothing?!!)
Here's my notes (I think mostly from searching here and regarding gf suppliers. I haven't especially researched it further.

Corn meal from Kinnikinnick
Buckwheat: Birkett Mills is an exclusive facility.
Rice - Lundbergs
Sorghum grain from Twin Valley Mills:
Teff from The Teff Company:
Millet from eden organic
Quinoa from Ancient Harvest. It is only $3 a lb delivered
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Buckwheat flour I get from Bouchard Family Farms (sold at supermarket). I buy in 5 lb. bags but go through a lot of it. Wish I could get more. DH said I should call them and ask to be a distributor!

I use Barry Farms for sweet potato flour and tapioca starch. You get a good deal if you buy more. Millet I get from Arrowhead mills; I think from Whole Foods but can't remember (but I need to buy some). Almond Flour I used to get from Trader Joes but can't do that anymore. Sorghum Flour I get from Bob's Red Mill I think.
shelf lives on any of this?!! I just found a sort of local company---blue chip group and they have a dedicated facility for GF things---I just have to have something to compare the prices to now.

I guess instead of wanting to do huge orders--I'm gonna have to take it one grain at a time.

also--do I have to worry x-con with flax seed?!or sprouting seeds?!
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