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The "Who did this?!?!" thread

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This thread has been removed due to some inappropriate posting to it. Personal issues should not make their way into discussions on the boards. You should rather take your personal comments to someone to PM or email. When inappropriate personal remarks are made in discussions it jeapordizes the entire thread which affects everyone involved in it. So please, if you have a personal thing with someone take it off the board. Don't let it seep into your posting (or your DDDDCs) here.

And please - let's keep Diapering about diapering. DDDDC discussion is for the TAO board.

Thanks mamas

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I'm so nosey, that now I'm wishing I kept reading it!

Bad! Bad mama!

Thanks for keeping us clean, Cynthia. Tell me, do you use Dreft, Sensiclean, Generic or Tide when giving us mamas a stripping to get our dirt out? :LOL
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Yep, the boards woudlnt' open for me I know why - big goings on. Once again, in the
Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!

Just plain 'ole soap and water Melaniee. With a dash of lavender for smell good.
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Why do I always miss the good soaps. Crimminies!
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