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Comprehensive & easy to read

review by t2009

I loved this book -- I read it while I was pregnant & found it really helped me prepare for a successful breastfeeding relationship. The book is honest, doesn't sugar coat the routine issues that new mothers sometimes face.

Maybe why I love the book so much is that I really believe it saved my ability to breastfeed my son. I took it with me to the hospital. A pushy nurse was trying to get me & DH to give our newborn formula because he had dropped weight & my milk hadn't come it yet. She brought in a can with a nipple & was really scaring me. DH was ready to give it to DS. Well, in my new mama fogginess, I vaguely remembered something in the La Leche book about nipple confusion. I found the information, showed my DH & got him on board with refusing the bottle. We ditched the nurse & found an LC who helped us get on track (and supplement for a couple of feedings with a tube). This book gave me the power & confidence to figure out how to make breastfeeding work.

My only critique would be that the book is possibly limited in its advice for dealing with situations where there are serious feeding issues. As in, there is not much about mixing formula feeding and breastfeeding where absolutely necessary. That might contribute to guilt for some women. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't use it for what it's worth, especially during pregnancy.

Great preparation for breastfeeding, answers questions that come upNot sure how helpful for serious feeding issues

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