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review by teraze

I love LOVE this book. I really wish I read this before giving birth. I'm already a devoted nursing mom, but I was (and still am, a little) anxious about the public aspect of breastfeeding. This book is so reassuring in that breastfeeding is natural and we have the right to nurse anywhere that's convenient and as we please.

Additionally, this book contains useful problem solving help. This book got me through my first and hopefully only milk blister (bleb) - and it covers other issues moms may experience in nursing their babes.

The only con is that the authors are completely rigid in their advice regarding staying home. I am a stay at home mom at present, so I'm able to completely relate at this point. But I know there will come a time where working will necessitate babysitters or my husband staying home instead of me. I feel bad about it already!

Other than that one small thing, this is an awesome buy and I'm mostly in love with La Leche League philosophy. I suggest purchasing!

Reassuring, HelpfulRigid

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