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I wish I could go but I don't think my boss would like it.............

When you go to the link you can find out where your event is!

UNIVERSITY of WISCONSIN-MADISON: Students stand up from their desks, state why they are walking out and bring many students and professors with them. People from all over Madison
will walkout of work. All converge at Library Mall at 12:30 PM.

At the rally, speakers including Ed Garvey, Wisconsin Network For Peace
and Justice, Madison Area Peace Coalition, student organizations, and
others speaking on Women's rights and science. From there, we will march through campus, into the buildings and intoclassrooms and streets calling on more to JOIN US. We will end with a speak out against military recruitment. [email protected]


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Your government, on the basis of outrageous lies, is waging a murderous and utterly illegitimate war in Iraq, with other countries in their sights.

Your government is openly torturing people, and justifying it.

Your government puts people in jail on the merest suspicion, refusing them lawyers, and either holding them indefinitely or deporting them in the dead of night.

Your government is moving each day closer to a theocracy, where a narrow and hateful brand of Christian fundamentalism will rule.

Your government suppresses the science that doesn't fit its religious, political and economic agenda, forcing present and future generations to pay a terrible price.

Your government is moving to deny women here, and all over the world, the right to birth control and abortion.

Your government enforces a culture of greed, bigotry, intolerance and ignorance.

People look at all this and think of Hitler - and they are right to do so. The Bush regime is setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way, and for generations to come. We must act now; the future is in the balance.


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Dammit...if I'd only known sooner. maybe I'll keep DS out of school and tell the teacher why. Then again, i don't want to cause too much of a stir (I've gotten some flack already because he's not "fully" vaxed, doesn't say the pledge, wears "political" shirts and nail polish....etc)...all I need is a truancy officer called.

Maybe I'll show this to my high school sister, and she can pass the word around. Then I could write an article for the local newspaper about it. Raise some awareness.


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ooh! Me too! Hold on....

MILLBROOK: Bottom of

Franklin Ave
from 9AM-7PM, [email protected]

NEW PALTZ: 6PM, Corner of Main and North Front St. Bring signs! Carl Welden will represent us with street theatre.

NEW YORK CITY: 12 PM, Rally at

Union Square
( 14th Street). March west on 14th, up on
8th Ave
to Rally at Times Square. [email protected], 212-969-0772


Rev. Luis Barrios- St. Mary's Episcopal Church

Jodie Evans-Code Pink

Rev. Earl Kooperkamp-St. Mary's Episcopal Church

Lynne Stewart-Criminal Defense Attorney

Tom Duane- New York State Senator Still We Rise Coalition
Esther Kaplan author "With God on Our Side"

Sunsara Taylor

Staten Island Meetup Spot for all High School Students will be at Borough Hall. We will be gathering on the Richmond Terrace side of the building. 9:30 am for the 10 am ferry;10:00 am for the 10:30 ferry;10:30 am for the 11:00 ferry Student Leaders Needed: contact [email protected]

Hunter College

Hunter College West 11:00 a.m 68th and Lexington- [email protected]

New York University

11:30 a.m Washington Square Park Fountain, march to Union Square

Organizing Meetings: Fridays at 5PM in Kimmel, 7th floor

mailto:[email protected], 310-503-9372

City College of New York

NAC Building 10:00 A.M 138th [email protected]

Baruch CUNY

11 am 24th and Lexington

NYC High Schools

Midwood High School - 9:30 am in front of the school
Roslyn High School - 10:30 am walk out
Saunders High School 9- 9:30 Walkout
Beacon High School - NO SCHOOL
Notre Dame School- 11 am rally 327 W.13th b/w 8th and Hudson
Pablo Neruda Academy- meet at 9:30 am at Parkchester Subway stop
Lehman High School
Bay Ridge High
LaGuardia High School
DeWitt Clinton High School
A Phillip Randolph High School
Leadership High School
Eleanor Roosevelt High school
Union Dale High School- Long Island
Bronx Science

Westchester Community College
10:30 am meets at Court House in White Plains

SAUGERTIES: Organizing a carpool to the World Can't Wait demonstration in New York City. For more info contact: [email protected]
Seems like most are for hs/college kids.


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Originally Posted by Marg of Arabia
Why not a weekend rally?
I ALWAYS wondered that! There have been at least 5 rallies/marches/protests in the pst few months that I would have gone to had they been on the weekend. And there are so many reasons--more people have off work, the kids have no school, train tickets are less (no peak hours on weekends), etc.

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Originally Posted by dallaschildren
So what happened? Did anyone put down their beers and quit partying long enough to protest?

No, actually THOUSANDS of young people (in NY alone!) voiced their opinions and were basically blown off by mainstream media, probably in part because of views like the one you just expressed.
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