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Their dog ate my Wool!

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So I'm at my parents house adn my sister has this dog which I really don't care for but he's an outside dog so it's no problem. We don't have much contact with it. Well last night he was let in the house to sleep in the kitchen cause he's been crying at night. I had washed a load of diapers and set 2(MY ONLY 2!) Righteous baby WIO on top of the dryer to dry. I heard my mom fussing at him about midnight and was saying how I was gonna get him. I came in and there was my covers in the floor with peices of it around him.

Words can not describe how upset I still am. One of them can be repaired to an extent(usable but not cute at all) and the other one he ate a huge hole in the back of it

I'm so hurt and upset.
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OMG not the Righteous Baby!!
I am so sorry! Were they decorated at all or plain?
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I would be soo mad. That dog needs a job so he can pay for some new RB wool.
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The one that he compleatly destroyed had the w..(can't spell it) goddess on the bum it was very pretty. I bought it off the TP just a while ago!

The other one was pretty earth tones greys, browns, mauves. I say was cause they are not as they were of course!My sister just laughed.
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well, I can't help but have laughter as my first reaction, too. Dogs are so weird. Reminds me of the time my neighbor's donkey ate my straw hat right off my head!

But, I'm very surprised that your sister didn't offer to pay for the woolies -- if my dog destroyed anyones property, I would immediately offer recompense. Would you feel strange letting her know how much it will cost to replace the woolies and, without outright asking, let her know that you expect her to reimburse you?
I would make my sisters lauging a** pay for them :LOL :LOL
Originally posted by jeca
My sister just laughed.
grrrrrrrr Not nice!

In my family my sister would be required to reimburse me for a new cover & the difference in resale value lost on the other. Don't suppose that will happen here, huh.
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PULEEASE tell me your sister is going to pay you for these covers? OMGosh, I would be fuming mad!
till I got my covers replaced!
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Yeah I mentioned how much they cost and put it as the equavelant of eating an expensive sweater. I mentioned a doller figure but I got these off the TP so they were cheaper but NOT cheap!My sister is only 15 so no she won't be paying for them. Right now I'm just [email protected]# out!
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Oh wow, that is terrible.
I'm so sorry that happened. I hope that you will be reimbursed as well.
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I would talk to your mom, then. 15 is plenty old enough to learn responsibility - she gets an allowance, doesn't she? Hello -- this is how we LEARN how to do the right thing and that sometimes it hurts to take responsibility for your animal.
OH I'm so sorry. My dog just ate my new fuz diaper and I cried. Dh let me buy a new diaper to comfort me. I hope you get some money back out of it. I would be so upset.
Well I didn't want to say it at first but I did cry. I went in the bathroom and cried. I didn't want to look foolish in front of my mom crying over diapers but I'm sure she knows I did as I am that kind of person. She's sick of the dog also and was commenting on all the thing sof hers he's torn up.
She did say that she needs to pay for it but mentioned nothing on how she would be paying for it. Meanwhile it's no big deal really cause CDing is silly anyway let alone paying that much for them. So needless to say I cried more than once.
I'm so sad for you
I sure hope someone comes up with some compensation. And the comment about crying over cloth diapers was uncalled for. It means a lot to you, therefore it's important to you. Very uncaring IMO.
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Oh, Mama! I am so sad for you. I don't have any RB, but I do have dipes I treasure (I am lucky, most of my dipes were made by women I now call "friend"), and I would be so sad if something happened to them.
I'm so sorry. Your parents should pay and have your sister reimburse them or work it off taking her dog to training classes!

That had to hurt.
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Man! I was hacked when my SIL's wee Yorkie ate my DD's wooden baby toys! Her first reaction was to blame me because they were left in a place the dog could get them (that would be the floor under the highchair, where he stole it from while we were eating dinner! HELLO!)

We had words about it... she apologized and bought me a new one. She was not out nearly as much as the RBs tho.

I totally see why you would cry. She really should make restitution to you, no matter that she is only 15. My 13yo niece has more money than me from all the babysitting and birthday money she gets, I bet she would hate to do it, but she would pay for a cover her dog destroyed. She maybe shouldn't have to pay for all of it, but at least $20-$40, IMHO...

Sorry mama
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Originally posted by jeca
My sister just laughed.
This part would upset me the most! I don't think she'd laugh if she knew how expensive these are!
Your sister laughed? UGh!

I'm sorry that happened. I would seriously ask my sister to pay. If my dog did that, that is the first think I would offer..after my apologies.

That sounds like something my dog would do...he is not allowed near the diapers at all!!
I told her last night she needs to send that damn dog to obediance school! I told her she would be very upset if he ate something of hers. She just said no cause I know not to leave my stuff where he can get it.
Hello! Someone should have told me their damn dog was prone to jumping up to grab stuff off of dryers. Plus he's an outdoor dog! I've never even seen him in the house but a handful of times and only in the kitchen so why am I suppose to know his behavior patterns.
I'm not winning this, there is no winning over my sister(code name Queen Elizibeth).
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