Theo chocolate is clean, delicious and sustainably sourced.
As my family's eating habits have drastically shifted to being more mindful, so have our purchasing decisions. We want to support socially responsible brands that use quality ingredients and ethical manufacturing practices. That's why Theo chocolate is a regular item on our grocery list.

As a family, we rarely buy sweets, but Theo chocolate is an exception - it's delicious, clean, and we want to support the people behind it.

Theo chocolate is clean, delicious and sustainably sourced.

Theo, founded in 2006, was the first certified organic and certified fair trade chocolate maker in the US. Founder Joe Whinney says, " Theo Chocolate was created to make beautiful products but also to have an incredible, meaningful impact in the countries where we are sourcing cocoa and all of our ingredients." The company makes several efforts to contribute to the sustainability of each step of production.

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The cocoa beans used in Theo chocolate are sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Peru.

The DRC is a war-torn country where citizens struggle to maintain their health, homes, and employment. Theo has partnered with local private company ESCO Kivo to ensure farmers have proper equipment and training, and that farms meet strict agricultural standards. Theo Chocolate also works with the Eastern Congo Initiative on community-based initiatives to benefit farmers and their families.

Theo supports over 4,600 farmers in the DRC and, consequently, over 32,000 family members. Many farmers' children are able to attend schools because of the success of their cocoa farms.

Theo chocolate is clean, delicious and sustainably sourced.

In Peru, poverty and scarcity have forced families off their farms and into urban areas. With the help of the Norandino Cooperative, Theo has invested in social projects and reforestation that encourage families to work their farms and raise the standard of health and living for their families.

In Peru, Theo supports 700 farmers and 4,200 family members through cocoa farming.

Theo is also different in that they hire a third party to certify and audit their own facilities every year to ensure fair wages and working conditions. Many companies use fair trade ingredients but do not actually audit their own practices.

Theo is also committed to fair market values, so they opt out of the global commodity cocoa market. Theo negotiates directly with farmers and fixes prices a year in advance so farmers can rely upon them. This gives farmers the confidence to plan for the future and maintain the quality of their product.

In the spirit of full transparency, Theo makes their pricing guidelines public for buyers to view.

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As for the taste, this is hands-down my favorite chocolate bar. Sometimes chocolate that is allergen-friendly turns out fairly bland, but this is creamy and smooth. My favorite bars are the Organic Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate and the Organic Salted Almond 70% Dark Chocolate. These are great for baking or just as a treat. The chocolate is soy, gluten, and dairy-free.

We find Theo at our Sprouts grocery store, but you can shop online for a variety of flavors. Right now, they are offering honey, lemon, and Spring tea flavored chocolates. They will even personalize gifts and packaging for special events.

When a company makes a great, high-quality product, I'm interested. When they also work to improve communities and families in need, I'm sold.

Please note: This not a sponsored post. We just like to support companies with fair trade business practices (and delicious chocolate).