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Therapist/Psych in Cambridge area

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Hello all:

Wondering if any of you can recommend a [preferably female] therapist/psych in the Cambridge, MA area. I'm specifically looking for someone who is sensitive to abuse issues.

Additionally, if you know of any resources for women in need of anger management help, please let me know.

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Not Cambridge, but not too far... Jessica Foley is in Brookline. I don't have any personal experience with her, but saw her recommended on another list a while back, and saved her name to my birth resources list b/c she also works with women who have PPD.

There are several of anger threads here on MDC with lots of great resources (there's a very long parenting and rage thread and a few others you might find by searching the forums. A couple articles I've found helpful and saved are:

Managing Your Own Anger: What to do When You Want to Have a Tantrum

Ten Steps that Transform Anger into Compassionate Connection

I also like the daily inspiration emails from Aha! Parenting, Beyond Consequences, The Daily Groove (which sometimes address anger, along with the many other challenges of parenting!)

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