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There is still hope in the world..

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tonight I was working and this lady came in. she had the most beautiful baby girl, she was 8 months. I mean BEAUTIFUL. she looked like an angel, I couldn't stop telling her how gorgeous her baby was, after awhile she started talking to me and telling me about her 2 older kids. I asked her if her older kids were having trouble adjusting to the new baby, she said "no, but my oldest who is 6 has a sudden urge to start co-sleeping AGAIN" I got so excited and asked her "do you cosleep? me too!!" she said "yes, I have coslept with all 3, since I breastfeed and all. it is SO much easier and so great!" I was like "oh my gosh you're the first person I know that has that in common with me (that i've known in a long time, anyway)

I was so excited. I think there's still a little bit of hope in this world. she was telling me how her baby had reflux and how she struggled to breastfeed and she never wanted to stop because of it, even though she had to be on meds because of the reflux. I told her she was doing the best for her baby, that she should feel so proud of herself and that her baby was definetely a cutie because she was milk-made (we laughed over this, even though my dd couldn't be bf she is still a cutie but you know, we were talking about bf'ing so I just said that as a joke) but anyway, I was really happy, I thought it would never happen (meeting a mama like that)

Hopefully the world will change and we'll have more mamas like her...
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What a wonderful post!!! Isn't it soooo refreshing when you meeting another mom with similar believes IRL??? Like a breath of fresh air
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