Renegade Mama reminds us that we're strong warriors, kicking ass at motherhood!
Renegade Mama's affirmation cards remind us of something we often forget when we're busy being moms - that we're strong warriors, kicking ass at motherhood!

Lauren Tannehill is the founder of The Renegade Mama. Having grown up in Southern California, the artwork on her cards feels like a peak into her childhood - filled with warm colors, magic sunsets and gorgeous beaches.

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Tannehill's affirmation decks - "Pregnancy, Labor and Nursing," "Mothering and Breastfeeding," and "Magical Mothering" - will remind you that despite the occasional worries, pains and setbacks, you carry a divine power as a mama.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tannehill. Check out what she had to say about life, work, and motherhood:


Q1. Who is "Renegade Mama?"

A: Renegade Mama is a new generation of mothers and women who are creating a new path and taking back their divine power.

The Renegade Mama rejoices in being a woman and loves her unique body! She loves empowering and uplifting other women because she knows it strengthens her community! She understands that it's okay to make different choices and honors her intuition.

She teaches her children through her actions and gently guides them on their journey, but she also understands that she makes mistakes and celebrates all her imperfections!

Q2. Why did you start creating these beautiful affirmation cards?

A: I have been painting and drawing throughout my entire life. When I became pregnant with my first daughter I naturally created empowering birth art for myself.

It wasn't until I was pregnant with my third daughter that I realized there was a demand for birth art. Women want to look at something that makes them feel strong and capable at such a vulnerable time.

With my third pregnancy I was so busy with my other children and the fast pace of life that I started looking for some "Pregnancy Affirmation Cards" to help me prepare for my birth, stay positive and just feel connected to my baby while I was running around.

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When I couldn't find anything I decided to start making own. Once my third daughter was born- oh goodness! I just couldn't keep up. She was so challenging and even though I breastfed my other two girls I really struggled with her.

That was when I started making the Affirmation Cards for Mothering and Breastfeeding. I have had postpartum depression and anxiety after my first daughter was born and there just isn't enough support out there for women besides prescription drugs. And it feels so taboo in our culture to talk about how challenging postpartum is and how lonely you feel.

With the Mothering and Breastfeeding deck, I really want Moms to know how normal it is to struggle and not feel alone like I did for so long.

Q3. The artwork on the cards has a free-spirited beachy vibe. What's the inspiration?

A: I am born and raised in Southern California, and I have been surfing since I was young. I find so much inspiration from the beach.

When I was 20 I moved to Hawaii to attend college. That was a life changing event for me and inspired me in many ways! A few years later I started my art business selling only surf beach style art when Meadow, my second daughter was born.

I opened my Etsy shop in 2013 so that I could stay at home with my girls. It was scary to take that first step, but it was well received and I haven't looked back since!

Q4. The theme behind most of your affirmation decks is "mothering." What does mothering mean to you?

A: Being a Mom is so amazing and overwhelming all in different ways. If I can be honest, being a Mom doesn't come as natural to me, so feel like I am always trying to be better. My daughters are gifts to me because they offer me so many opportunities every single day for growth spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Motherhood has nurtured my feminine spirit and keeps me very humble. I was a perfect Mom before I had kids! Now I am always improving and like the ocean is always changing and offering something different, so is Motherhood.

Q5. What do you hope to accomplish with your cards?

A: I truly want to help empower women. I am so passionate about birth and women loving their bodies and taking our divine power back! I love talking about motherhood and raw, real life with women. I feel like my Affirmation Cards have been created in that energy and allowed me to connect with women all over the globe!

Q6. Nature is a recurring theme in your cards. Can you tell us about some of the ways your company gives back Mama Nature?

A: Our environment is so important to myself and my brand Renegade Mama! We are passionate about donating to causes that are true to helping our environmental impact!

All of our inks are castor oil based and we use 100% post consumer waste recycled shipping supplies.

Currently, we are working with a manufacturer in the US and have plans to switch all of our printing to the US! Which we feel so passionate about! If given the choice, I always purchase the domestic product because I understand the environmental and humanitarian impact.
Q7. I notice that you have a new deck for kids. Can you talk about that?

A: The Kid's was created because I noticed I that was always correcting my daughters. Life is so busy that it is easy to be so focused on what our children are not doing.

The Affirmation Cards for Kids were created as a fun way for adults and kids to create the time and space for the positive dialogue that creates confidence and instills positive reaffirming statements for self love.

There are really great "power words" in the deck which offer parents the opportunity to discuss what these words mean to them and how they use them in their lives. My family and I use our Kid's Affirmations while we are waiting in line at school drop off or at night before bed.

With obesity and prescription medication at an all time high, I feel that it is incredibly important to plant positive statements that encourage growth of self love and honorable behavior at a young age.

Q8. Where can we get your cards?

A: You can find all three of our decks on our website at The Kid's or in our Etsy shop The Kid's. Currently we sell in Europe and Australia as well as baby boutiques, midwife offices, doulas, and shops across the globe.