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these darn twin dreams

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OK...What do you think?

When I was pregnant with my son, I had 6 or 7 dreams that I was having twins and I actually remember specifically remembering once that they were twin girls and one was bigger than the other...I almost had myself convinced I was having twins, but I always measured right on and only one heart son was born.

This pregnancy it turns out my best friend and I are due 2 weeks apart and she tends to go 2 weeks late (with 1 & 2) and I go early (both 1 and 2) which basically puts us with the same due date. So I'm thinking we could have our babies on the same day (which would suck because we have the same midwife and only one of us would get her)...this is a possible prophesy for the dream.
I am now pregnant with twins (I do have high hcg numbers)

The reason this is weird to me is because before I was pregnant (or trying) with my son and before I even knew SIL was pregnant (or trying) I had a dream that we were both pregnant at the same time and a year and a half later we both had boys 2 weeks apart. So, I know I am capeable of prophetic dreaming.

I actually did have a prophetic dream this pregnancy. Around 1 week after ovulation (my o-day is iffy) I asked myself to dream whether or not I was pregnant and I dreamed I was I am..

ok..I'll stop rambling now.

(secretly I'd LOVE twins, but know it would probably be the end of my sanity.
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