These girls have designed a solar-powered tent that can roll into a backpack to help the homeless.
A group of high school girls have designed a solar-powered tent that can roll into a backpack to help the rising homeless population in Los Angeles (and everywhere).

A brilliant group of high school girls at San Fernando High School decided they could do something about homelessness. With no prior engineering experience, they created a solar-powered tent that can be rolled into a backpack, providing homeless people with shelter and basic warmth.

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The girls, under the tutelage DIY Girls, a non-profit organization that empowers low-income teenage girls, used YouTube videos and Google to help them in everything from design inception to a completed, successful project. Executive Director of DIY Girls, Evelyn Gomez, helped recruit the girls to be part of the 12-girl team. The young women used their research and brains (along with sewing, coding and 3D printing skills) to take the project from beginning to end over the course of a year.

The young innovators presented their invention at MIT's EurekaFest on June 16th, but just barely, as they initially didn't have enough money to fund their trip to present. A GoFundMe account was designed to help them fund their trip brought them to Boston, where they were able to receive their hard-won $10,000 grant from the Lemelson-MIT program. Only 15 InvenTeams nationwide received the grant, which exists to encourage students to solve real-world problems through invention.

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This goes to show that girls against all odds can do amazing things when given the chance, and we are excited to see what else comes from these brilliant young women!

Photo Credit: DIY Girls Present @ EurekaFest MIT via GoFundMe