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Probiotics company, Hyperbiotics, started this campaign to normalize breastfeeding.

There is nothing more touching than the sight of a mother nursing her child, yet mothers continue to experience the stigma of breastfeeding. Probiotics company, Hyperbiotics, is working to change that.

Using beautiful photos and a simple Instagram hashtag - #EmpoweredNursing - Hyperbiotics is on a mission to normalize breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is completely natural, not to mention incredibly healthy for both mothers and babies, and yet millions of women around the world face cultural and practical barriers that make it difficult to breastfeed. We are constantly posting stories on breastfeeding moms hiding in public bathrooms and being shamed publicly for feeding their babies, and quite frankly, we've had enough.

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That's exactly why we're so impressed with the amazing work Hyperbiotics is doing - their bold #EmpoweredNursing campaign depicts the breastfeeding journeys of women around the world. Throughout the month of May, women are coming out of the closet and sharing personal photos for the world to see along with the intimate details of their breastfeeding journeys, all in an effort to break down cultural barriers and inspire real change.

The faster breastfeeding becomes just another normal fact of life, the better for everyone. Hyperbiotics Co-founder Jamie Morea says, "If just one mother finds it easier to breastfeed as a result of seeing herself reflected back to her in someone else's story, then this campaign is already a success. The normalization of breastfeeding isn't just good for moms to be--it will have enormous impacts on the rest of the world!"

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She continues, "Breastfeeding has huge, beneficial lifelong effects on both mothers' and children's health, lowering the risk for a host of health conditions. If every child was breastfed within an hour of birth and then breastfed exclusively to age two, it would save about 800,000 children's lives every year. And the currently low worldwide breastfeeding rates are associated with $302 billion in global economic losses."

Hyperbiotics wants you to join their mission. Share your pictures and stories of breastfeeding on Instagram with the hashtag #EmpoweredNursing and take part in a movement to break down one of the most stubborn, yet often ignored barriers to women's empowerment!

For some inspiration, check out these beautiful photos:

Abigail Wilson: @mama_organics
Empowered Nursing Abi


Ashley Matteson: @modedemommy
Empowered Nursing Ashley

Dawn Charles with Allison Harp Photography @dawn.charles @allisonharp


Jamie Morea
Empowered Nursing Jamie

Jamie Morea
Empowered Nursing Jamie

Jamie Morea
Empowered Nursing Jamie

Julie Hays
Empowered Nursing Julie

Lisa Cooper & Cleobella with Lacée De Grasse @lisa_cooper @cleobella @laceedegrasse
Empowered Nursing Lisa

Melissa Sapmaz
Empowered Nursing Melissa

Natalie Zambreski @nataliezambreski
Empowered Nursing Natalie

Natalie Zambreski @nataliezambreski


Seewah Russo @seewah
Empowered Nursing Seewah
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